The SUPERMAN vs. BATMAN Face-Off Fans REALLY Want to See

Superman - Batman Movie Logo
Credit: Warner Bros

Tim Daly and his son Sam Daly have been running a hilarious YouTube channel this year, with a highlight celebrating Sam's first go around as Superman, inducting him into a club of prior Supermans.

Now, with the upcoming Man of Steel sequel oft-referred to as "Batman vs. Superman," Tim Daly's animated series counterpart Kevin Conroy gets in on the action, rocking his classic Batman voice he's now been using for over 20 years. The two go all-in, quoting themselves and comics, and having one heck of a showdown.

Seeing Conroy stalk Daly Batman-style, hearing him deliver the line "I want you to remember the one man who beat you," listening to terrible puns - it's all pretty much amazing. Watch the "Daly Show" video here, and hope and pray that the real deal winds up being even half as entertaining.

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