Full Free Issue: BIONIC WOMAN #1


With the first TPB in stores today, take a look at the full first issue of The Bionic Woman, completely free courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment!

Paul Tobin (w)
Leno Carvalho, Daniel Leister, Juan Antonio Ramirez (a)
Paul Renaud (c)
FC • 216 pages • $24.99 • Teen+
or… more to the point, they want both her legs, her right arm, and whatever other surprises she might contain. Just because they could rebuildher… doesn’t mean her life isn’t a wreck. After Jaime Sommers suffers a horrific parachute accident, her then-boyfriend… Steve Austin… convinces his superiors to save her life using similar bionic parts to the ones that made him the Bionic Man. The doctors / scientists replace both Jaime’s legs. Her right arm. Her ear. And a few other surprises. Now, she’s the Bionic Woman, and her body is faster, and stronger, but much of the memory of her past life is missing. She has broken up with Steve, and no longer works as a field operative for the Office of Scientific Intelligence. She’s moved on, searching for a new life amidst the wreckage of the old. But old lives have a way of popping back up again, and when the recipients of the earliest bionic prototypes are being killed across the globe, horribly murdered with their bionic parts stolen, Jaime has to put her new life in Paris on hold. Especially since it now looks like the mysterious killers are done with the small fry… done with stealing bionic hands from schoolchildren, bionic hearts from spider monkeys, or bionic eyes from housewives. No… now they want the highest quality bionic parts. They want the upgrade. They want the Bionic Woman.
•Issues 1-10 by Paul Tobin, Leno Carvalho, Daniel Leister & Juan Antonio Ramirez
•All of Paul Renaud’s gorgeous cover
•A preview of The Bionic Man Vol. 1 by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester & Jonathan Lau
“So why did I love BIONIC WOMAN? Probably because writer Paul Tobin was able to execute the perfect balancing act: not only did he stay true to the source material, but he (intelligently) updated it to reflect a modern day cyborg, complete with built-in wifi!” – AIN’T IT COOL NEWS
“From start to finish, you don’t really get a chance to catch your breath. I’ll be honest, I’m a mark for Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, but I can’t get over how GREAT this comic is.” – GEEKS OF DOOM

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