'WALLY' & 'DONNA' Latest DC All Access Whiteboard Clue?

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

This week's DC All Access has a brief clue that teases the introduction of Wally West, Donna Troy and Stephanie Brown — three characters that haven't yet been introduced to the company's rebooted New 52 universe.

The tease occurs during a segment that has Jim Lee and Dan DiDio sitting together in an office in New York, discussing the publishing business' move to Burbank. While the two are talking about the benefits of working in the same offices, the camera shows a few things from around the room where they're sitting (presumably DiDio's office) — a few trades in a shelf, some action figures, and a white board.

On the white board is written:

Wally > Flash
Donna > SM/WW
Stephanie > BMW (scratched out) Amazon

Credit: DC Comics

It's an obvious reference to Wally West, Donna Troy and Stephanie Brown. The three characters are fan-favorites that haven't yet shown up in the New 52 — but are always a topic of questioning at conventions.

The SM/WW letters must refer to Superman/Wonder Woman, the new monthly series by Charles Soule and artist Tony Daniel. It would make sense for a Donna Troy to show up in that book.

The BMW probably refers to the Batman weekly. Stephanie, a teen hero who was always associated with the Batman family in the pre-New 52 universe, is already confirmed as a character who will show up in the Batman weekly, Batman: Eternal. (See our interview with writer James Tynion IV, who discussed her New 52 introduction in length with Newsarama).

The reference to "Amazon" with Stephanie is a mystery. It could refer to Wonder Woman mythology, since she's from an island of "Amazons." Or hey — maybe Steph works for Amazon.com. Maybe it’s some kind of new series?

Whatever the Amazon reference, we already know that there could be changes to her from the character she used to be before the New 52, as Tynion said: "What we're doing with her, I think, is really exciting and very fitting to who she is, but it's very rooted into the core plot of the series. So I can't hint about it just yet."

Wally West was mentioned by Dan DiDio on his Facebook page, where he insinuated that Wally might return in 2013. The return hasn't happened yet, and the current creative team on The Flash just announced that they're leaving the book. Might the next team be introducing Wally within the pages of The Flash?

Of course, DC knows fans might be looking for clues on whiteboard and tacked to the walls during segments shot in the DC offices, so oit's always possible they could plant a red herring - but with Stephanie's inclusion and already public plans, that seems unlikely.

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