Snyder Confirms 'Physical Conflict' Between Batman & Superman in MAN OF STEEL Sequel

Credit: Yahoo! Movies

“Probably 5,000 people died in Metropolis.” That’s what director Zack Snyder said about the mass destruction in Metropolis. “But it has purpose. There’s sadness to the end of the movie. There is a human price, and that’s a thing that weighs on Superman, it’s important.

“Let’s not forget, he’s fighting basically his equal. He has no advantage in this scenario. In fact, Zod is a warrior, has been trained, and can fight a hundred times better than Superman.”

Snyder defended the destruction, even name dropping The Avengers, noting that no one seemed too bothered by large areas of New York being destroyed in broad daylight, “Do you think there weren’t thousands of people dying during that?”

The quotes came from an hour-long “Fan Q&A” put on by Warner Bros and Yahoo! Movies, where host Kevin Smith talked with Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder, and Amy Adams about Man of Steel. The mass destruction wasn’t the only thing he defended, also directly addressing the final choice Superman makes, to kill General Zod in order to end the destruction.

“That rule [that Superman doesn’t kill] really only came from the movies. He has killed a few times in the comic books, in fact, he’s killed Zod a couple of different times.

“He had to make a choice, and that choice weighed on him, as we saw right after, and it will weigh on him in the future.”

Snyder also talked about the costume choices, and why they took the underwear off the outside of the costume, saying, “Some questions kind of answer themselves, right?” The director, after the joke, explained that the original look was based on Victorian-era strongmen. They couldn’t show skin, so they would wear skin-colored bodysuits to give the illusion of nudity, then put on underwear over those to further the illusion. “It’s literally from a bygone era, literally a relic from something way in the past, and it just didn’t make sense to keep it around,” Snyder reasoned.

While no contract has been signed, Snyder did mention that Hans Zimmer has been asked back to score the sequel to Man of Steel, saying “We’ll have him back for as many of these as he’ll come back for.”

He was very sparse on any teases to the sequel, though. One family asked if they’d be shooting Smallville scenes back in Plano, IL, and Snyder stuttered and stammered. “I don’t think I can say anything, I will say that we… no, I can’t say, I’m sorry!”

Kevin Smith directed the conversation to the sequel specifically, though, saying he’s “so excited” to see Batman and Superman on the big screen together.

For Warner Brothers’ “We can be heroes” campaign, Snyder went to artists for promotional paintings, asking them to simply give their own interpretation of the announcement itself. “Take the excitement of the announcement and just go from that.” Those paintings will be auctioned off at

As to the “versus” that has been teased for the story, Snyder wouldn't reveal the title, or even working title, of the movie. However, the director said “whether they’re fighting and become friends or friends who then fight, it’s fun to see the conflict of relationships there,” giving the first real confirmation that they will be fighting. “Of course, there will be some physical conflict there, too.”

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