See the 1st New 52 Batmobile in New BATMAN #25 Preview, Plus JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #9

Batman #25

Update Nov. 11: The LA Times Hero Complex previewed four new images from this week's Batman #25, the latest chapter of "Zero Year." The images include a look at the very first Batmobile in New 52 continuity.

Plus, we've gotten that full size version of the last page of the previous Batman #25 preview (see below) for you to check out.

Original story: Via IGN and The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, respectively, here's a preview look at DC's two biggest November 3 releases - Batman #25 (a Zero Year) & Justice League of America #9 (a Forever Evil tie-in).

The last Batman #25 spread is a little small (we're working on that) but until then thanks to an assist from Gotham Spoilers, half of the spread is a little bigger and more readable.


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