Marvel's THE WATCHER Takes a Bullet in May 2014 EVENT, SANDMAN Gets a TV Commercial, More

Marvel May 2014 event
Credit: Marvel Comics

Lately we've been doing a lot of wrap-up of comic book Hollywood news items, but lately a few brief actual comic book (proper) stories have emerged and here's a brief look at some of them...

Credit: Marvel Comics

CSI: Marvel Universe

Marvel's May 2014 event appears to be focused on the murder of Marvel Universe peeping-Uatu, The Watcher, if we can properly extrapolate the meaning of his postcard quietly sent to comic book retailers this week. While the date is cut-off on this scan of the postcard, Marvel confirms the bottom should read "May, 2014" and that the image does tease an event scheduled to debut that month, though the publisher declined any further comment or to send Newsarama the image directly.

One of the last big event series involving a murder mystery in one of the major superhero universes was DC & writer Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis in 2004 ... so in other words ... on hell, we're going to leave that alone.

BleedingCool was the first publication to obtain the postcard from a retailer..

Vertigo Gets KINGLY

Credit: DC Comics

The newest series coming to DC's mature readers imprint Vertigo is called The Royals: Masters of War.

From writer Rob Williams and Simon Coleby, the six-issue The Royals features a British Royal Family in World War II with superhuman abilities. Each of the six issues takes place during a major battle in the war.

"The year is 1940. As the War heats up and the Blitz destroys London and kills thousands, the Royal Family looks on," reads DC's description. "But in this reality, the Royalty of the day have special abilities and the purer the bloodline, the greater those abilities are—and history is about to be transformed when England’s Prince Henry decides to intervene."
“Imagine Downton Abbey crossed with the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan and you're getting somewhere close to what The Royals: Masters of War offers,” says Williams. Colby describes it as “an everyday tale of everyday squabbles, amongst everyday folk. Except the everyday folk are super-powered royalty, and their squabbles take place against the backdrop of the biggest conflict the world has ever seen.”

The team told ComicsAlliance that the series will have "a satirical edge" but is all about "individuals attempting to make a difference against overwhelming odds."

The first issue of The Royals: Masters of War hits February 12, 2013


A TV ad for Neil Gaiman's return to Sandman - The Sandman Overture #1, has popped up on YouTube. No word on when and where the ad will appear on TV, but it did play on the Time's Square jumbotron recently, as DC reports.

Here's the ad:

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