Could Stephen Amell's Green ARROW Join the JUSTICE LEAGUE on the Big Screen?

Justice League ad Amell posted on facebook
Credit: DC Comics

Stephen Amell, TV's Oliver Queen on Arrow, has made no secret that he would like to monopolize the character. He has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that he'd love to join up with the Justice League on the big screen, and even voiced Green Arrow in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Wednesday on his official Facebook page, the actor posted an image of an add for an old issue of Justice League of America - specifically the one where Green Arrow joins the team. The ad reads: "Here it is, the exciting news you've been waiting for! The Green Arrow Joins the mightiest heroes of our time as a full-fledged member of the Justice League of America!"

This set off speculation, which he has neither confirmed nor denied, that there have been some real conversations, if not deals, that will place Amell in a Justice League film - and could potentially connect the world of CW's ever-growing DC Universe on TV with the world of Man of Steel, its upcoming sequel referred to ubiquitously as Batman vs. Superman, and finally the Justice League film also in the works.

The questions remain: Is Warner Bros and DC Entertainment willing to push these two worlds together as one, and could Amell hold his own against film actors like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck? Arrow fans would argue the latter is a done deal, and would point out that Cavill has TV roots, as well. As for the former, well, DCE and WB have to do something to combat Marvel Studios/Marvel TV and their growing empire , right?

Arrow has been steadily building its DC Universe, pulling in characters from all throughout the DC Comics the character hails from. In the first season and a quarter alone, fans have been introduced to Oliver Queen (naturally), Merlyn, Roy Harper, Black Canary (just as "Canary" - they really don't like colors as adjectives on that show), Count Vertigo, Felicity Smoak, Deathstroke, Shado, Bronze Tiger, China White, the League of Assassins, A.R.G.U.S., The Huntress, Deadshot, Brother Blood, Ivo, and Sin (and has mentioned Ra's Al Ghul more than once). Upcoming episodes will bring in Amanda Waller, Barry Allen, Shrapnel, and more. While the series has taken place exclusively in Starling City, it has mentioned DC locales like Central City and Coast City as well.

As far as Batman vs. Superman goes, there are rumors upon rumors, with multiple actresses said to have been either in talks or in screen tests to play Wonder Woman in a cameo in the film, and a rumor of Dick Grayson - as Nightwing - hitting the net just yesterday, courtesy of Could a full (perhaps after-credits) scene featuring the Justice League (with Amell in Green) be included as well? It's all rumors for now, but one thing's for sure, Amell is up for it.

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