Marvel's Latest Teaser is OFFENSIVE ... Literally

All-New Marvel NOW! OFFENSIVE teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is back with another All-New Marvel NOW! teaser (toldya there is always more than one ) - this time promising something "OFFENSIVE."

Now there are a few meanings to that word - there's 1.) aggressive; and also 2.) unpleasant and/or insulting. We're going to assume Marvel means the former but hey, you never know.

But Si Spurrier's involvement does bring up a few ideas.

When X-Men Legacy's ending was announced as being near in the January Solicitations, Spurrier teased on twitter, "Before the gnashing of teeth gets too gnashy, bear in mind I was meant to announce something awesome at #NYCC but couldn't yet. Watchspace." That seems to indicate that this project could have something to do with Legion, or at least will have some tangential connection to the series.

Also, both X-Force titles (the X-verse's proatcive "offensive" strike force) are also teased in the January solicitations as possibly ending, with a single team emerging from the crossover that sees them clash with each other and the classic Cable villain, his clone, Stryfe. Those solicitations said, "Don’t miss this no-holds-barred, knockdown, drag-out X-FORCE event! Because when the dust settles, only ONE X-Force team will be left standing…"

Stay tuned...

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