FANTAGRAPHICS Looking For a Few Hundred Publisher Credits, Kickstarting 2014

Credit: Fantagraphics

Fantagraphics has long been a publisher of graphic novels and books that strech what comic books can be about. With the illness and sudden death of Co-Publisher Kim Thompson in 2013, the company had thirteen books canceled or postponed for the year. They're turning to Kickstarter to get help from fans for the next set of books. With their financing goal of $150,000, the publisher thinks then can catch up, and fund their entire Spring-Summer 2014 season. They have 39 books listed for the season. From their press release:

"There are a number of books from names familiar to longtime comics readers — Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, Joe Sacco, Drew Friedman, Michael Kupperman, Jim Woodring, Don Rosa, Tony Millionaire, and The Hernandez Brothers. Not to mention any number of other names that could anchor a comics Hall of Fame: Charles Schulz, Steve Ditko, Simon & Kirby, Hal Foster, Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson, L.B. Cole, Jacques Tardi, John Severin, S. Clay Wilson, Wally Wood, and more. We also have one of our strongest seasons of original graphic novels ever, including new books from Olivier Schrauwen, Simon Hanselmann, Esther Pearl Watson, Conor Stechschulte, Carol Swain, Lane Milburn, Eleanor Davis, and Ed Piskor.

From The Complete witzend to The Complete Eightball, Buddy Bradley to Megg & Mogg, and Don Rosa's Ducks to S. Clay Wilson's pirates, plus new Peanuts, Donald Duck, EC Comics and Love and Rockets books, our 2014 lineup truly features The World's Greatest Cartoonists."

Check out the informational video below, and head to kickstarter to become one of many co-publishers on a sure-to-be-amazing set of books.

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