Report: THE CW & DC Developing an HOURMAN Drama

Credit: DC Comics

The DC Comics TV universe at CW is getting a surprising new branch, if this next show goes to series. Hourman, a character who has yet to appear in the New 52 reboot at DC Comics in any of his various forms, is the next character on the development slate from WB and CW, as reported by THR. His show would join Arrow, already on the air, and potentially The Flash, which has a backdoor pilot through the former late this season. Amazon, a Wonder Woman origin series, has also not officially died, though it failed to make it to pilot in the last round.

Hourman is a mantle that has been held by three characters in the DC Universe. The first, Rex Tyler's premise is simple, he takes a pill called Miraclo, which gives him super strength and super speed for one hour.

The second, his son, Rick, is more likely the basis of the series, based on the pitch (or some amalgam of the two of them). While Rick first operated as Hourman using Miraclo, he was later exposed to tachyons (time particles) that let him see an hour into the future.

According to THR this version can see into the future, one hour at a time, something that has plagued him since he was a child. He then tries to prevent anything bad he sees in his vision from coming to pass. It actually sounds like a pitch for any weekly criminal procedural show, but done in reverse. He is described as having a wife and child.

Outside of the CW, DC Entertainment also has Constantine in development at NBC, and Gotham coming for sure at Fox - it got a series order off the pitch alone.

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