Diane Nelson Says DC Comics NY to LA Move Motivated by 'Creative Collaboration'

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Credit: DC Comics

According to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, the company's decision to move its New York-based publishing offices into the Warner Bros. offices on the West Coast isn't about saving money — it's about improving collaboration in a "creative business."

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nelson said "everything is more difficult" when the company has two offices on different sides of the country.

"We use all the best technology to make sure we’re remotely connected," she said, using the publisher's recent Halloween party as an example, since the dual-coast shindig was shared via a remote screen. "But it still always falls apart. People feel disengaged. That’s not a good way to run a company. When you have a creative business and ideas generated from people working together, I think you can work happier together."

She also dismissed the implication that DC was being absorbed into Warner Bros. "This is not the corporatization of DC," she said. "It isn’t about folding DC into Warner Bros. We’re going to help DC feel like more of an important priority in Warner Bros."

To reinforce the claim that the move is not about reorganization, Nelson promised that every person in the New York office was being offered the chance to move into a similar job in Burbank. "We’re offering everyone a chance to move," she said. "We have a very competitive package with all sorts of components in terms of relocation and other services. We’re doing everything we can to help people find it exciting. If someone chooses to not make the move, we will work through a transition out of the company with them and then would be replacing their position with someone new out here."

The executive admitted that she thought about doing this back in in 2009, when she was first brought on board to head DC Entertainment. But she said there were philosophical, organizational and practical reasons at the time that kept that from happening.

"It continued to be in my mind over three years," she said. Nelson said the promotion of Kevin Tsujihara to Warner Bros. CEO [in February 2013] made now the "right time" to consolidate the two offices, since he has a "focus and prioritization on DC." Nelson also revealed that the 2015 move fits with "practicalities" of the company's lease terms in New York and Burbank.

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