Marvel Anti-Inhuman Propaganda 3: 'Knowledge is Power'

Knowledge Is Power teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 2, Thursday 5pm: Another Inhumanity "propaganda" poster hit late Thursday, with the phrase of choice this time being "Knowledge is Power."

While it's not as ominous as "See Something, Say Something" or "Be Vigilant," it is clearly still presenting the new Inhumans in a less than positive light.

The slightly eerie image of monstrous beings surrounding a brain with some kind of - growth - on it may be saying much more than the words themselves.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 1, Tuesday 5pm: The second Marvel "propaganda" teaser hit late Tuesday, trading off the common post-9/11 phrase of "If you See Something, Say Something."

The image otherwise is relatively non-descript, with several boys who look the same, and one clearly standing out, what with him being colored red and all.

The pre-ostrzcization of the new larger Inhuman population continues. And we continue to wonder what this means for the mutants of the Marvel Universe.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story: "Be Vigilant." That's all Marvel's new teaser for the new status quo sweeping the Marvel Universe, Inhumanity, says, but it carries quite a few implications.

The image itself and the word "Vigilant" carry  a heavy connotation of something bad coming. You're not typically vigilant for large gifts of money or roses, you're vigilant for threats.

Of course, if there was any doubt whether or not Marvel Comics is positioning Inhumans as the new "mutants" of the Marvel Universe, this image should erase that. Whether it is, as has been speculated, to give them their own "mutants" for the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Fox retains the rights to the originals, or simply because this is where the story has taken them, remains to be seen.

Will these new Inhumans wind up joining the cause of Mutants in protecting a world that hates and fears them? Will they be more readily accepted, or ostracized completely? Find out starting in December (though some of the Infinity tie-ins have already broached the subject), as Inhumanity takes over the Marvel Universe.

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