New STAR WARS Blooper Reel, Lost RETURN OF THE JEDI Footage Surfaces

Star Wars blooper reel
Credit: Lucasfilm LTD

A previously lost blooper reel for Star Wars has surfaced thanks to the magic of the internets. The blooper reel shows some scenes with sound one others without, and demonstrates everything from just how hard it is to keep some of those elaborate costumes on to how hard it is to remember lines sometimes.

It's always fun to see a bit of levity on sets, and for those who associate with a Rebel bent, it's even more fun when that levity is at the expense of Stormtroopers who can't seem to even stand and get around properly (let alone ever hit an enemy with a blaster bolt, sorry 501st).

The footage coincidentally surfaced around the same time as a Laserdisc from the Lucasfilm archives was sold on eBay, fetching $699 for 30 minutes of raw and behind-the-scenes footage from Return of the Jedi. A sample scene from that Laserdisc is below - if you click on to the winner's Facebook page, they've posted several already as they convert it to digital for all Star Wars fans to enjoy.


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