Credit: Marvel Studios

With the release of Thor: The Dark World just around the corner, the first trailer for the next Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was inevitable, like death and taxes. The trailer is here, and shows how much of an ensemble movie this "solo" film really is, with plenty of Black Widow, Falcon, Bucky Barnes (as the titular Winter Soldier), Nick Fury, and of course, Captain America himself. With several scenes taken from the teaser reel shown at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the trailer shows off the "Super Soldier" costume in motion, Falcon's flight, and gives us some great glimpses of Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier, right off a comic book page.

While the iTunes embed doesn't seem to be live yet, we do have a youtube version from Marvel UK. There may be slight differences in the two, but with both clocking in at exactly 2:31, we think they'll wind up being identical.

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