BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Team Gives 17-Minute Tour of Early Game

Screenshot from Batman: Arkham Origins
Credit: WBIE

With only four days until the game's release, the last preview press for Batman: Arkham Origins is being released. Today, a gameplay walkthrough lasting seventeen minutes shows off several new aspects of the game. Led by Ben Mattes and Michael McIntyre of Warner Bros Interactive Montreal, the walkthrough starts with a tour of the Batcave - you'll see a new gadget, the fast-travel Batwing, and the new Batcave training simulator. Within the simulator, you can hone your new skills, and earn experience points for upgrades usable in the main storyline.

You also, of course, get to hear Roger Craig Smith delivering lines as the new voice of Batman.

After some training, you'll get to see Batman infiltrating the Gotham City Police Department.

We're already playing the game over at Newsarama HQ for our upcoming review on Friday. We'll be honest - Ben and Mike play this a little more smoothly than we did in our playthrough. While we can't say anything beyond what we've already said in previews, it bears repeating that the Deathstroke boss fight was insanely fun.

Check out the full video below, and keep your own countdown going - you'll be able to see our full impressions bright and early Friday morning.

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