POW! BOOM! Adam WarRock Goes Old-School Bat-tacular with New Single BSFX

Credit: Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock is throwing punches and kicks with his new single off the upcoming album The Middle of Nowhere, reclaiming the "Boom! Pow!" sound effects the media loves to throw at us geeks in B.S.F.X. Newsarama is proud to present the exclusive premiere of the video for the new song, featuring WarRock teaming with Betty Felon and AK Wood for some crime-fighting beat-bumping rap.

WarRock has long embraced his nerd roots, from his nom de plume to songs like "Marvel vs. DC" and "616," and now dons a Nightwing-esque look to bring Batman TV sound effects to his music. There are more Batman in-jokes and references in this song than in pretty much every other song you've ever heard combined.

Find out when you'll know everything's all right by checking out the video here, and check out the official press release below for credits and pre-order info for the full album.

Official Press Release

In support of his forthcoming release - The Middle of Nowhere - Adam WarRock releases the music video for "B.S.F.X.," the first single off the new album.

Standing for "Batman Sound FX," the Internet's foremost comic book rapper comes out the gate swinging in full Batman sidekick-themed costume, as he and cosplayers Betty Felon and AK Wood take care of some evildoers to the rhythm of his new track. Pre-order the new album, and get an immediate download of "B.S.F.X. now! 

Adam WarRock's The Middle of Nowhere is now available for pre-order at adamwarrock.bandcamp.com, and will be released on November 5, 2013 directly from the artist and through most major digital music distribution platforms.

Shot by Joey Miller: iamjoeymiller.com
Betty Felon: bettyfelon.com 
AK Wood: twitter.com/gutsinside

Email: adamwarrockmixtape@gmail.com
Twitter: @eugewarrock
Facebook: facebook.com/adamwarrock

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