BATMAN Tells SUPERMAN Where to Stick Proposed Partnership in New Pete Holmes Vid

Pete Holmes Superman/Batman video
Credit: Character (TM) DC Entertainment

Comedian Pete Holmes, who has channeled Christian Bale’s gravely-voiced Batman in a series of CollegeHumor videos is back at it with a new one, imaging Superman coming to Gotham to propose a partnership with the Dark Knight in advance of 2015’s Superman/Batman team-up movie.

Let’s just say Batman doesn’t take too keenly to the idea, accusing the Man of Steel of wanting to glom off the Dark Knight’s coolness, in a video replete (be warned) with a fair amount of adult language and even a few ‘adult themes’ (not even mentioning some movie quality costumes). Commissioner Gordon even appears, backing up Batman’s incredulous reaction to Superman’s proposition.

Holmes also recently debuted a video “Ex-Men” in which Professor X fires Wolverine for being essentially useless against their arch foe, the metal-manipulating Magneto.

Check out both videos below.

Holmes new eponymous series The Pete Holmes Show, premieres Monday, Oct. 28 at on TBS.

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