The Death of An Avenger in UNCANNY AVENGERS #13


Newsarama Note: Due to an error, we do not have the Wolverine and the X-Men preview. Instead, enjoy this preview of Uncanny Avengers #13.

Check out this exclusive preview of Uncanny Avengers #13, as the solicitation ominously promises the death of an Avenger! Then check back later for an exclusive look at Superior Spider-Man Team-Up!

RICK REMENDER (W) • Daniel Acuña (A)
Cover by John Cassaday
Ragnarök is now!
• Against his masters’ orders a deranged and vengeful Sentry kills an Uncanny Avenger! No hoax, no dream and only the first casualty of many!
• To allow reinforcements from other eras The Wasp must find and destroy the Twins Tachyon transmitter, but first she’ll have to defeat The Grim Reaper.
• Scarlet Witch makes an impossible choice that will define her forever.
• Sunfire and Rogue, alone without back up, must defeat the combined might of both Apocalypse Twins or watch the end of our world!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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