FAIREST Writer Takes Super-Spy CINDERELLA To the Ball

Fairest #22
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

The best dressed, most kick-ass spy in the world of Fables returns in December, as Marc Andreyko and Shawn McManus begin a new tale about Cinderella in Fairest #22.

During the Vertigo panel at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, DC shared new art from the storyline, which kicks off in December with an assassination attempt on Snow White that ties into Cind's origin story at the midnight ball. She investigates in a world-spanning story that takes her from the world of the mundane to the Homelands.

Andreyko, who was recently named the new writer on DC's Batwoman series, is becoming a trusted creator on kick-ass women who are stronger than expected, not only because of the upcoming Batwoman run, but his acclaimed Manhunter series as well.

Newsarama talked to Andreyko to find out more about Cinderella and how the Fairest series' storyline ties into the main Fables title.

Newsarama: Marc, what got you interested in writing Cinderella? Were you a Fables fan before this opportunity, and a Cinderella fan in particular?

Credit: DC Comics

Marc Andreyko: Chris Roberson's take on her was so vivid that I jumped at the chance to further chronicle Cindi's adventures. Writing her is more fun than I imagined!

Nrama: Why do you think Cinderella has become such a fan-favorite character?

Andreyko: She's James Bond as a woman! Her tough-as-nails attitude and ability to do anything that must be done to succeed in her mission is something we rarely see in female characters.

Nrama: It looks like Cindi is returning to the scene of the fairytale ball, where she first met Prince Charming. How did the idea to return to that part of the character's history come about?

Andreyko: Well, the storyline has ties to that fateful night, so a look back, especially at things we haven't seen, is required, and fun.

Nrama: How does the story kick off? This assassination attempt — is it chronicled in Fairest? Or is it something that happens in Fables? Anything you can tease about the set-up for the story?

Credit: DC Comics

Andreyko: This storyline dovetails into the next big Fables arc and has ramifications for all of Fabletown… beginning with the assassination attempt on one Snow White.

Nrama: What is Cindi's biggest challenge? Who's the nemesis?

Andreyko: She'll have many, and one of them is… well, you'll see!

Nrama: Can you reveal anything about the meaning behind the title of this Fairest storyline, "Of Men and Mice?"

Andreyko: Mice play an important role in Cind's past, but what happened after the clock struck midnight?

Nrama: What can you tell us about the lands we'll be visiting over the course of the storyline?

Andreyko: Oh, it's lots of globetrotting in both Fable lands and muddy. From Fabletown to Amsterdam to India and more.

Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: Any characters you can tease that we'll see?

Andreyko: Someone we've never met before. A Fable from Asia. Who's blue.

Nrama: What can you tell us about Shawn McManus' work on this storyline?

Andreyko: It is jaw dropping. I've always loved Shawn's work, but this is at a whole new level. Every page is stunningly beautiful.

Nrama: You're also writing Batwoman, and we've talked before about how you seem to be drawn to female characters who kick butt. But what do you think is the biggest difference between Cinderella and Kate Kane? And how are they similar?

Andreyko: Well, they're both kick-ass dames! As far as differences, Cind is much more cold-blooded. She will do absolutely anything she needs to, whereas Kate is much more a follower of the law.

Nrama: On the Fairest arc, how closely are you working with Bill Willingham, and how does it tie into the main Fables title?

Andreyko: Bill and I plotted stuff out, but he's given me amazing freedom in this arc. It ties in directly with Fables, but can totally be read, and hopefully enjoyed, on its own merits.

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell fans about "Of Men and Mice?"

Andreyko: Just that if you like Cinderella, you should love this arc. Everyone is firing on all cylinders, especially Shawn, so it's worth your hard-earned dollars.

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