Watchmen Settlement "Close?"

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. and Fox are “close” to a settlement in regards to the Watchmen lawsuit, this coming from sources THR claims are “familiar with the dealmaking.”

Currently, the film, directed by Zack Snyder, is still scheduled for its March 6th release, despite a Federal Judge ruling that Fox does have distribution rights to the movie, dating back to when Watchmen Producer Larry Gordon was an executive at Fox. Rather than go to court, the two sides have been in talks since Friday to reach a settlement. The two parties met behind closed doors on Monday in Los Angeles Federal Court to discuss details of the talks with Judge Gary Feess.

Another positive sign, Warner Bros. has not pressed Judge Feess on its request to move up the January 20th injunction hearing, which suggests that a settlement may possibly be near.

As many Newsarama readers noted, the Watchmen television campaign rolled out this past weekend, with ads appearing on Fox’s 24. Additionally, the studio heads were shown being cordial, if not chummy Sunday evening at the Golden Globes ceremony.

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