Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short
Credit: DC Comics

Hailing from the Man of Steel Blu-ray, the animated short produced by Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder hit the internet wide today, after premiering at the Superman 75th Anniversary Panel at New York Comic Con over the weekend. The clip will be on the Blu-ray release, and will also be shown during the "DC Nation" animation block on Cartoon Network.

Timm spoke at the panel about creating the short, and said it was very difficult to choose what made it in and what didn't - and to make sure to watch closely, especially in the background of the clip.

"It's loaded with Easter Eggs," Timm said, "but the worst part was not being able to have everything. But we did try to throw in as many easter eggs and artists that have made him who he is. It's 75 years of Superman glory."

Check out the clip yourself to see what you can spot, from George Reeves to Dan Jurgens all the way up to Man of Steel, with plenty in-between, it's a testament to Superman's three-quarter of a century legacy.

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