NYCC 2013: Superior Spider-Man & Friends - LIVE!

Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel hosted its Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel on Sunday at the New York Comic Con. The panel featured writers Dan Slott, Nick Spencer and Kelly Sue DeConnick, artist Humberto Ramos, along with editors Steve Wacker, Tom Brennan, Ellie Pyle, Sana Amanat and Jake Thomas.

With Superior Spider-Man #23-24, due out in November 2013 and December 2014, the Superior Spider-Man will be squaring off against Venom.

"Every four pages, your'e going to be like, 'noooooo!'" Slott said. "You will love to hate it even more." Slott said there would be no Venom book for Flash Thompson or the symbiotic to go back to, so "anything can happen!" Slott said don't test him, because he "has a trail of bodies behind me."

Christos Gage will be taking on Superior Spider-Man Annual #1. Pyle said that Aunt May will see the darker side of Superior Spider-Man.

Peter Parker is back with Issues #700.1-700.5, due out in December 2013.  "People keep telling me they miss Peter Parker - well, this is a change for them to put their money where their mouth is," Rambo screenwriter David Morell will be teaming up with Klaus Janson. 

Other teams included for these issues include Brian Reed and Sean Chen doing a story featuring the Human Torch. Jen Van Meter and Emma Rios will do a book featuring the Black Cat. Other creators involved include Clay Chapman, Kevin Grevioux and Lee Weeks.

Amanat focused on Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, which will be the story of Otto trying to put together a team of his former enemies - the Sinister Six. They will take on the Masters of Evil.

Superior Team-Up #9 will feature Marco Checchetto drawing Spidey, Punisher and Daredevil again, as he did during the Omega Effect storyline.

The panel then turned to Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Spencer said we will learn a lot more about Janice, the new Beetle, as the Sinister Six tries to steal the head of Silvio Silvermane.

Wacker said that in January 2014, we will see Hawkeye #17, Daredevil #35 and Nova #12, the latter featuring writer Gerry Duggan and artist Paco Medina.

Wacker then moved on to a teaser called "The End," featuring Dan Slott and Guiseppe Camuncoli. Wacker said that leads to Superior Spider-Man #27.Now. "Everything that has been going on in Superior Spider-Man has been setting up dominoes - BAM! Everything goes down here," Slott said. "The Green Goblin on one side, Superior Spider-Man on the other." Slott said the title is "Goblin Nation."

"All bets are off," Slott said. "Anyone can go."

There will be a time jump between Team-Up #9 and Superior #27.NOW, Pyle said.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In March, Kelly Sue Deconnick and David Lopez will be relaunching Captain Marvel. "Higher - literally. We're taking her cosmic," DeConnick said. "You know that moment in the song 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'? 'I done told you once you son of a gun, I'm the best that ever been.' That's Carol."

DeConnick said "we are taking her into space, to let her do what she does best." The story arc's name is "Higher, Faster, Further, More." DeConnick said that Carol Danvers was a character who always strove to go higher. "Of course she became a pilot - everything in that world is trying to get off the ground."

Finally, the teaser featuring the word "Assassin," with Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo: Elektra #1. Amanat said Elektra is back, and "what's so wonderful about this storyline is that is references some of what Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz did. We're trying to show who Elektra is, when she no longer has the one person in her life that means more than anything else - Daredevil. Who is Elektra when she goes off on this journey by herself?" The story features Elektra trying to kill a guild of assassins. The book is due out March 2014.

"You wanted more female solo titles," Amanat said. "This is it."

Elektra #1 cover by Mike Del Mundo
Elektra #1 cover by Mike Del Mundo
Credit: Marvel

The next title is "Hunted," featuring Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads: The Punisher #1. "Gerads draws an incredibly handsome Punisher - it's a good-looking book," Thomas said. "This book is going to be really incredible. Nathan has some really interesting ideas about the Punisher... his big thing is about finding the head of the snake, so he thinks he's found it in L.A." Not only is Punisher hunting the bad guys, there's a government group called the 131 that is trying to hunt him down, too.

"It's going to be a gorgeous, fun, bloody, violent book, and I think you're going to love it," Thomas said. 

Next, the teaser for "War": Chris Yost and Marcus To will be taking on New Warriors.

Nova, Speedball, Justice, Scarlet Spider will be part of the team, as well as Sun Girl and a new Inhuman, as well as an Atlantean and a mutant. "We're assembling superheroes of all backgrounds and all races, and they've all been deemed a threat," Amanat said. "They must protect the people that they love."

What is the purpose of the New Warriors when we have a powerful team like the Avengers? Amanat said that would be discussed in the book. "It's about these kids coming together and getting to know each other and exploring who they can become outside of the Avengers." Wacker said the vibe of this book was around Marv Wolfman's Teen Titans and Brian K. Vaughan's Runaways. It's due out in February.

Elektra #2 cover by Mike Del Mundo
Elektra #2 cover by Mike Del Mundo
Credit: Marvel

The floor was then opened for questions. Are there any other characters you'd want to see cross paths with Superior Spider-Man? Slott: "Keep reading."

Will we see Swarm return? Slott said "he's currently on Broadway." Slott clarified that Swarm is a Nazi made out of bees, not a bee made out of Nazis. "He's making Nazi honey," he said.

On a scale of Optimus Prime to Uncle Ben, how dead is Peter Parker? Slott said "Uncle Ben - he's dead. Also, I don't know Optimus Prime."

A young fan asked if there would be an Iron Fist solo series? Wacker said no.

Another audience member asked if these books were monthly, weekly or miniseries? Wacker confirmed they were all monthly books, unless they got far enough ahead that they could double-ship. DeConnick said, "Weekly?! Are you trying to kill us?"

Would there ever be a Scarlet Spider 2099? Slott said "we kill Miguel O'Hara during Issue #19."

Punisher teaser by Mitch Gerads
Punisher teaser by Mitch Gerads
Credit: Marvel

Another fan asked about Otto Octavius's doctoral program - is he doing this to fix Aunt May's leg? Slott said to read Issues #20 and #21. "They will hurt you. A lot. In the feels," Slott said.

An audience member asked a question about the Punisher, particularly Rachel Cole-Alves. Will we see any of her in the new series? Thomas said there are no direct plans at the moment, but there are conversations. "I would love that arc, as well, and she is a great character, so I wouldn't rule it out." Wacker said that he had plans for Cole-Alves, as well.

Will we see anything with the Osborn baby, or the Iron Spiders? Slott said we saw the baby hiding with Harry since the Danger Zone arc, "but we haven't seen him since." No plans for the Iron Spiders at the moment. But Wacker said read Superior Foes of Spider-Man.

The panel was then asked about their favorite Spider-Men. Ramos said Doc Ock. Amanat said Miles Morales. Spencer said Peter in the black suit. Brennan said Kaine as the Scarlet Spider. Thomas said Miles Morales, as well. DeConnick said classic red-and-blue Peter Parker.

A fan asked how far in advance does Slott drop clues for future story points? Slott said he just does it when it occurs to him. "But I like planning things further and further and further, because it makes it harder for them to get a new writer." Wacker said at least once a week Slott has an idea that has nothing to do with the comic at hand. "What if we shot him into space and he became a sun god?" Wacker said. "There are things from Dan's first arc that still pay off now." Pyle said that Slott has so many ideas that come out that they can come back to them even years later. 

Will there be any more Spider-Man: Noir stories? Wacker said no plans to continue them now.

A young fan dressed as the Blonde Phantom asked if there would be any plans for the Blonde Phantom. Wacker said that for her, he would make it happen.

Another young fan asked if there would be a Superior Spider-Man TV show? Slott said that would be cool - he will be appearing in the next Lego game, however. Wacker said that the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon would be the biggest its ever been in its next season.

An audience member asked what is going on with Norman Osborn. Slott said that Osborn was in a coma, but his body vanished under armed guard - but the new Goblin hasn't been unmasked yet. Another audience member asked if it was David Bowie.

What's the dynamic between Spider-Man and Captain Marvel? A fan said it felt like seeing Captain America and Iron Man. DeConnick said "they tried flirting, but it was so lame, so they felt that does not work. They have a noogie relationship. It's like a little brother kind of relationship." "But that Spider-Man is dead," Slott said.

Will Carol be running into the Guardians of the Galaxy? DeConnick said "that would be awesome."

Credit: Marvel

A young fan asked if Superior Spider-Man would use Dr. Octopus's arms, but Slott said that that would blow his cover.

An audience member asked what excited Slott most about writing Silver Surfer. "Honestly, working with Mike Allred - he's so enthusiastic about this," Slott said. "This allows me to unleash my sci-fi geek side."

If Amazing Spider-Man's motto was "with great power comes great responsibility," what's the motto for Superior? Slott said the motto is the same, but it's interpreted an entirely different way: Otto sees it as "might makes right."

Will Alpha come back? Wacker said he is appearing in Young Avengers. No plans beyond that. "He's suck a jerk!" Slott said.

Any word to bring back Ben Reilly? No, Wacker said. "He's a pile of goo," Slott said.

A fan dressed as the Big Time version of Spider-Man asked Wacker if he specialized in these sort of quirky, smart-alecky books. Wacker said that the tone is based on the writer - Spencer makes Superior Foes irreverent, DeConnick injects spirit into Captain Marvel, and Matt Fraction gives Hawkeye its own unique humor.

Who is your favorite Spider-Man girlfriend? Ramos: Gwen. Pyle: MJ. Slott: Anna-Maria Marcone. Spencer: Gwen. The rest of the panel said MJ.

When will Black Cat learn about Dr. Octopus? "Read Issue #20," Slott said.

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