Report: FANTASTIC FOUR Relaunched with James Robinson & Leonard Kirk

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #30 cover by Leonard Kirk.
Credit: Marvel

[Above image is NOT from the new series. As of press time, Marvel has not issued a new image.]

Marvel have announced several new titles today at New York Comic Con, but IGN is reporting on one more -- Fantastic Four by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk.

According to a article by IGN posted on Saturday, the upcoming writer of Marvel's All-New Invaders is joining with the former X-Factor artist on a relaunched Fantastic Four series that will "celebrate the new creative direction."

According to IGN, the series will begin with "the demise of the Fantastic Four" and follow how the team got to that point.

This new Fantastic Four series would replace the current series by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred. Marvel announced at Saturday's "Cup O' Joe" panel, that both the current Fantastic Four and FF would end in January with #16. Earlier this year Marvel said that Fraction would be leaving both titles due to the overwhelming workload the writer had with the Inhumanity miniseries and Inhuman ongoing series, but at the time the publisher said it would continue on with other creative teams.

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