Credit: Marvel Comics
Inhumanity #1 variant cover by Nick Bradshaw
Inhumanity #1 variant cover by Nick Bradshaw
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Terrigen Mists that erupted out of Infinity #4 are making their way to New York Comic Con Saturday, in the form of the "Inhumanity & All-New Marvel Now" panel at the Javitz Center's room 1A06. The panel kicked off promptly at 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time with Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso, Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort, and editor Mark Paniccia, along with creators Jonathan Hickman, Dan Slott, Kieron Gillen and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Brevoort began the panel discussing Inhumanity, written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Olivier Coipel. It begins December 2013, and will cross over several titles.

Hickman discussed the Terragenesis Bomb launched by Black Bolt in the pages of Infinity #4, which has mutated descendants of Inhumans across the globe. "We have some amazing new Inhuman characters coming up," Hickman said. "It's a very important thing for Marvel - we feel very strongly about what Matt and everyone else is doing moving forward."

Alonso said there would be a ripple effect thanks to Black Bolt's actions. "They came before the superheroes, they came before the mutants," Alonso said. He also alluded that not everyone would necessarily bow down to Black Bolt's rule.

Brevoort said that December 2013 tie-ins New Avengers #13.INH will show the fallout of the bomb, and Uncanny X-Men #15.1INH will show how mutants deal with this. Superior Spider-Man will also have a tie-in, as will Indestructible Hulk and Avengers Assemble, the latter featuring Kelly Sue Deconnick and Warren Ellis.

Iron Patriot #1 cover by Garry Brown.
Iron Patriot #1 cover by Garry Brown.
Credit: Marvel

Brevoort then moved to Cataclysm, which had a teaser questions asking if this was the end of the Ultimate Universe. Pannicia said "I understand why we're doing it, but…" He then put his head in his hands.  Ultimate Comics Cataclysm #5 was billed as "The Ultimate's Last Stand."

The panel then moved to All-New Marvel Now! Inhuman #1 is written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Joe Madureira, which will be due out on January 2014. "This is about normal people who wake up to having these incredible powers, but also joining this society that is very divided and incredibly strange," Alonso said.

All-New Invaders #1 will also be out in January 2014, written by James Robinson and illustrated by Steve Pugh. Paniccia said that Robinson "came up with a really cool angle" that brought in a cosmic angle - the Kree have a device that can control Asgardians. Namor, Bucky and the Human Torch stopped this device back in World War II, but in the present, the Kree learn that the device is still around. "They are in a lot of trouble," Paniccia said.

Brevoort then posted a teaser that said "Defend," featuring Ales Kot and Garry Brown. They will be working on Iron Patriot #1, beginning in March 2014. Paniccia said the take on this one is that James Rhodes has been a Secret Avenger and has done a lot of global special operations - and now he's sick of it. "He decides it's time to defend the home front, and this is the challenges that go with it," he said. "He comes across as an Iron Man duplicate, and I think Ales has a concept here and a pitch that is going to make him feel like his own guy."

The next teaser - "Overdrive," featuring Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore - is All-New Ghost Rider #1, due out in March 2014. Paniccia said "this is a Ghost Rider like you've never seen before." Brevoort said that this is his favorite of the All-New Marvel Now! books. While Paniccia said he couldn't say mcuh about the series at the panel,he did speak exclusively with Newsarama about the new hero taking up the Ghost Rider mantle and his first major threat.

Silver Surfer #1 cover by Mike Allred.
Silver Surfer #1 cover by Mike Allred.

Dan Slott and Mike Allred were then announced to work on Silver Surfer. Slott said "it's about a guy on a board… when I was growing up, the first superhero comic I read was the 'Galactus Trilogy.'" Slott said he's been dying to do this for years.

Slott said for months he had to bite his tongue while he watched other writers pitched a Silver Surfer story, thinking he didn't have enough time. Eventually, he and Brevoort started discussing the Surfer, spending hours on a book that they weren't even working on. They then discussed having a girl to interact with Silver Surfer, but they were dead-set on getting Mike Allred - they had to wait until he was done with FF before he could join.

"It's a fun book - whenever you think of the Surfer, you think of the lone sentinel of the skyways. This is a book about a girl on board," he said. "He's going to meet a kindred spirit. You're going to learn that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone."

Avengers variant cover by Art Adams.
Avengers variant cover by Art Adams.
Credit: Marvel

They then opened the floor to questions. Will we see more of the Runaways? Brevoort said that the "Avengers World" arc of Hickman's Avengers will put more spotlight on some of the newer characters in the Marvel Universe - he joked that we do see Nico and Chase in Avengers Arena (as he put a finger across his throat), adding that Victor La Mancha is in Avengers A.I., and an adult Molly is in X-Men: Battle of the Atom. Gillen said there would be more Runaways in Young Avengers.

Another fan asked if we would see Toro in All-New Invaders. Paniccia said Robinson has "some pretty cool plans for him."

One audience member said he had noticed a lot of things being taken in from the Ultimate Universe and other alternate universe storylines to the mainstream Marvel Universe, and asked if that was intentional. Slott posited that with Age of Ultron, all the doors are open. Brevoort said "if there are touch points, that's wonderful. It's not a fully organized thing, the ideas stand by themselves."

Another audience member asked Gillen about how he approaches Iron Man and Young Avengers differently. Gillen said he writes in Marvel method for Jamie McKelvie, writing four or five ideas of how to do it. "It's very much a jammy way," he said. Other artists he writes more structured scripts. 

A fan asked about Cataclysm. Between the four titles, which parts will be covered in which books? Galactus is going to destroy the whole planet, so the heroes will have to be in a lot of different places, Paniccia said. "The world will have to come to terms with the fact that its being destroyed."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Another fan asked Slott about his long-gestating 'Reckoning War.' Slott said ever since he's been working at Marvel, he's been seeding this big event called the Reckoning War. "It's very sci-fi/cosmic," he said. "So… yes. There will be some more Reckoning War stuff."

A reader asked how the panel organizes a bigger story, in terms of characters and time? Brevoort said they typically don't try to force somebody to tell a particular story - they'll say that an event like Inhumanity that's going on, and then ask if there is a story they can tell in that context? Paniccia said if there's a story that can be told within a title, or if a supporting cast member can be affected.

One audience member asked about Miss America, if she would have any more spotlight. Paniccia said she was in Young Avengers.

Another audience member asked why is Tony Stark such a jerk to Steve Rogers? DeConnick said, "It's because they love each other." Hickman said "Tony feels like he gave that world for Steve… sometimes you have to sit somebody down if they're doing the wrong thing."

A fan mentioned that there is a lot of time-travel going on in Marvel today, and asked the panel what the challenges were for using time-travel, and if there was anything coming up that would stop time-travel in the Marvel Universe. "There's always complications with time travel," Paniccia said. Slott urged the audience to read Superior Spider-Man #19 next week. Alonso said that they had a time clock in Indestructible Hulk for that very reason.

Cover to All-New Invaders #1
Cover to All-New Invaders #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Another audience member asked how, particularly with the new Silver Surfer comic, they deal with characters who can't support their own book. Slott said, "I blame myself." Alonso said having edited a long run on Black Panther, sometimes its an achievement just to get four years of publishing. Alonso said that with the new push for cosmic comics, this is the best time to relaunch Silver Surfer.

An audience member asked about Quicksilver, given his ties to the Inhumans. Brevoort said, "I don't know." He did say Quicksilver will be a part of All-New X-Factor.

A fan asked about All-New Invaders, asking where it fits in continuity, particularly with Captain America's journey to Dimension Z and Winter Soldier's own journey. "It's happening right now in the Marvel Universe," Brevoort said. "Everything that's going on with Namor and Atlantis, everything that's going on with Winter Soldier, that's all going on here."

An audience member asked about the timeframe for the Ultimate Comics, particularly how Ultimate Comics Spider-Man fits in with the rest of the book, given its one-year time jump. "Brian needed to give Miles some time to grow up after his mom died, but now everything is starting to sync up," Paniccia said.

A fan brought up the Blue Marvel, asking what the decision-making process was for putting him into the Mighty Avengers. Brevoort said that Al Ewing "has a lot of plans" for the Blue Marvel, and that he will be doing something "huge" starting with Issue #3. Brevoort said Mighty Avengers is less of a "street-level" team and more of a "home front" team. 

Describing the creation of the Mighty Avengers, Brevoort said that because most of Marvel's iconic heroes were created in the 1960s, they're mainly white men. "There's no getting around that." But putting together this team, Brevoort said "let's come up with a cast that's at least 50% not white people." He said he sees the Blue Marvel as the Thor of their team.

"It's about time and opportunity and being patient," Alonso said.

Paniccia said that the All-New Invaders "need" Cap, he's the man with the plan. They would not take on the Kree without him.

A fan asked if there were any plans for Cloak and Dagger. Slott said "yes." They're also in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Paniccia said. Slott also said that Superior Spider-Man would interact with Cloak and Dagger in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up.

Another audience member asked, will Sif be appearing in another book? Brevoort said Sif will be appearing in places you would expect - and places you would not. "We like her, too," he said.

An audience member asked Slott about "a question that's been on everybody's mind" -- before he finished his question, Slott shouted, "he's dead!"

A fan asked about Captain Marvel's status quo. DeConnick said that Carol Danvers sacrificed her identity and memories in 'The Enemy Within' storyline - in Issue #17, Carol will find a way to connect to her past and give some meaning to her sacrifice. DeConnick said there would be more details to come in tomorrow's Spider-Man panel.

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