NYCC 2013: Marvel: AVENGERS Panel LIVE!

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Description: Al Ewing , Dennis Hopeless, Jonathan Hickman, Lauren Sankovitch, Nick Spencer, Tom Brevoort
Fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes look no further! This is your panel, filled with exciting announcements about the future of the Avengers universe. With All-New Marvel NOW! titles hitting shelves in 2014, your favorite avenging characters may undergo a few changes. Get exciting updates from editors and creators about present and (future) Avengers books! Guests will include Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Editor Lauren Sankovitch, Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers), Jonathan Hickman (New Avengers), Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Arena), and Nick Spencer (Secret Avengers).

Tom Brevoort welcomed the fans to the panel at New York Comic Con, and asked the crowd to proclaim "Avengers Assemble!"

Credit: Marvel Comics

Editor Lauren Sankovitch, writers Ales Kot, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, Dennis Hopeless, and Al Ewing filled out the panel.

After Infinity, Hickman joked that he hopes the writing on Avengers is better. New Avengers is his "favorite book," and Simone Bianchi will join him for the Inhumanity tie in. Brevoort said it's "the most important book we're publishing right now."

Al Ewing's Mighty Avengers "just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Issue 3 will make your head explode, then issue 4 we'll sweep those up into a little box and explode that also."

The final cover of Avengers Arena, Hopeless joked, reveals "everybody dies, and the book is over."

Ales Kot and Nick Spencer are co-writers on Secret Avengers right now. Kot said that it's a "super pulpy updated Steranko" style story, praising Butch Guice and Luke Ross's art.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Captain America #13-15 is all about Nuke as "Cap has to confront a supersoldier from another era," said Brevoort.

Coming up in Thor: God of Thunder, "The Accursed" continues as Thor has to fight Malekith across the nine realms, with some surprising allies.

The "All-New Marvel NOW" announcements were next. Avengers #24.NOW is the "number 1 for All-New Marvel NOW." Hickman deadpanned "I'm hoping to get that written soon. I'm working with Esad Ribic again, and I'm unbelievably excited for it."

Going to the teasers, "Mindbubble" is the next arc for Captain America, starting with #16.NOW. Dr. Mindbubble is a product of the "Weapon Minus" program, who was developed just to kill supersoldiers.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"Extinction" is the next arc on Avengers A.I. with #8.NOW. Sankovitch teased the story, which will have humanity ending and a total robot takeover. Check out our exclusive interview with Humphries for more.

Kot takes over Secret Avengers with a new #1 in March 2014, and calls it "Michael Bay meets Arrested Development." Spider-Woman will be on the team, alongside Hawkeye, Black Widow, Coulson, and Nick Fury. "There's a special member who will be joining," they also teased.

"Global" was for Avengers World #1, a new ongoing co-written by Hickman and Spencer, though Brevoort said it's mostly Spencer. Spencer said it's "the biggest book I've ever worked on," and expressed his enthusiasm. Again, consult our exclusive interview!

Avengers: Undercover #1 hits in February 2014, starring some of the kids from Avengers Arena, as undercover agents in the Masters of Evil, from Hopeless.

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Al Ewing is writing a new ongoing series: Loki: Agent of Asgard #1, where he promises "we will always lie to you. We will trick you, every single issue."

“Atonement” is in fact Black Widow #1 with art by Phil Noto and written by Nathan Edmundson. The editors promised it will take you to “new depths” of the Marvel Universe.

With that, the panel turned early to fan Q&A, and a fan asked about Cataclysm and whether it will end the Ultimate universe.

The next fan wanted to know about The Hood, and Hickman said he won’t be in Avengers anytime soon, and Brevoort said “wait and see.”

We will see Dr. Doom again "soon" in Avengers, said Hickman.

Hickman's "S.H.I.E.L.D." book will be completed, sometime next year.

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Status of Captain Marvel? Sankovitch said to check out the "Spider-Man Panel" on Sunday.

A fan asked if the new Inhumans and new Mutants who have both been popping up will be clashing at all, and Brevoort said "it's likely inevitable."

Hickman said of his run on the Avengers books that he "has a story, he's going to tell it and then be done." He wouldn't give too much more information beyond that though. Al Ewing said he's got at least a couple of years on Mighty Avengers. Hopeless says there's a long version and a short version of Avengers Undercover, depending on how long he has to do on it.

A fan of sword-swinging heroes asked if he could see some new Black Knight, and or other sword fighter heroes, and they couldn't give any specific timeframes.

Brevoort said it is impossible to choose a favorite Avenger, as when he thinks of "the Avengers" he wants multiples of them there.

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Superior Spider-Man is on the cover of Avengers World, and is a member of that team.

Brevoort, reminded by a fan of Uncanny Avengers, which wasn't in the slideshow, insists that major characters are dying in Steve McNiven's first issue of the book. The third part of the Apocalypse Twins story is called "Avenge the Earth."

Hickman's Avengers title will go down to once monthly instead of twice monthly for about 5-6 months after Infinity, Brevoort announced.

A fan asked “Will the government shutdown affect S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers at all?” to a lot of laughter. Hickman joked that if his Ultimates run had continued, he was going to do something on that, with Cap beating the two heads of parties up to resolve an issue.

Hopeless calls Avengers: Undercover a “reaction” to Avengers Arena, but you won’t have to have read Arena for the series.

Jessica Jones will be around in Mighty Avengers #4, and “occasionally may even punch a robot to death,” teased Ewing.

Spencer says there's a "healthy mix" with the cast in Avengers World. "You'll see early on some spotlights on Smasher, Hyperion, and Manifold. It's a mix and match. It features the entire roster in the book."

Any chance of Uncanny Avengers and Avengers colliding a bit? Avengers Assemble #20 is a one-off story by Al Ewing that actually does tell what the Uncanny squad is doing during Infinity.

A Luke Cage fan go Ewing talking about his role in Mighty Avengers. "He's the guy behind them, he's off the front lines a bit.

Angela will continue to be a presence in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Neil Gaiman continues to be a consultant on her use in the series. Brevoort assured fans that if "we have something new to do with Neil, we won't be quiet about it."

The elder Nick Fury just showed up in Secret Avengers, and Brevoort teaesd, "will be showing up in one of our books soon in a big, big way!"

With that, the Avengers panel came to a close. Be sure to check out our exclusive interviews on Avengers A.I. and Avengers World!

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