Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1 variant cover by Rob Liefeld
Credit: IDW

Those who know me or have followed my writing for this site for nine plus years know one thing for sure: I am an absolute nut for Cable, and have always been a vocal supporter of Rob Liefeld's work. In multiple conversations over the last near-decade, one thing has always come through when it comes to Liefeld: the man loves comics.

New Mutants #87 cover by Rob Liefeld, colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr
New Mutants #87 cover by Rob Liefeld, colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr
Credit: Marvel Comics

So, when IDW Publishing was launching a major comic book event for the Transformers line, which currently has two main ongoing series, Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye (get it?), why not get Rob Liefeld to help them out with a cover to the special first issue, Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1? When IDW's Chris Ryall mentioned he'd be revealing the cover today on Twitter, I literally begged him to let me show it first for our readers here at Newsarama.

To make it even more fun, Liefeld borrowed from one of his favorite artists for the cover - himself! In what has to be one of the handful-at-most self-homages, Rob Liefeld built a Transformers cover around the cover to New Mutants #87, aka the first appearance of Cable (embedded to your right for reference). Click the header image above for the full cover, colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr, and don't forget to check out our big interview about Dark Cybertron , with some small spoilers and major hints to the future of the crossover.

We reached out to Liefeld for some comments about the cover, and how Virginia Comicon made it all happen.

Newsarama: How did you get involved in doing a Transformers cover, specifically for this big event?

Robert Liefeld: It all starts with kickstarter. i had a reward option to appear at a comic-con as well as draw a cover to any independent comic book, The guys from Virginia Comicon hit both rewards and informed me at Comic-Con that they had brokered a deal with IDW for me to do a cover for Transformers.

Nrama: This cover looks awfully familiar to fans of one of your most famous creations, the man called Cable – was the plan from the beginning to do this fun self-homage, or did it come about a particular way?

Liefeld: That was the Virginia Comicon guys who specifically requested to IDW that it be modeled after my New Mutants #87 cover. They set it all of that up. It was fun.

Nrama: What's cool and lasting about the Transformers to you that has made them stick around for almost three decades now?

Liefeld: Well, clearly they have staying power as my kids have loads of the Transformers toys and the cartoon and movies continue to do spectacular business and draw great ratings. The concept and character designs are evergreen.

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