BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Collector's Edition Goes Deep Within Genre-Redefining Films

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition
Credit: Warner Bros.

Let's make this clear, if you're on the fence about the Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy Special Edition, and you're a Batman fan who has a blu-ray player, get off the fence while you can and get this set. With gorgeous presentation, terrific new special features, and a deeper-than-ever look into the series, this will make you fall in love with the films all over again.

Now, most die-hard fans likely have all of these movies at home already, with at least the last two on blu-ray (the first came out before blu-ray was very popular, but has since been released on its own as well). For them, it's the collector's items that make this something unique. Die-cast miniatures of Batman's vehicles, an art/photo book with commentary and behind-the-scenes looks, a set of prints by comic artist Jock featuring each villain, digital download codes for all three films, and even a gorgeous case that integrates the discs (1 for Batman Begins, 2 each for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises - the latter two movies special features are on a separate disc) into more artwork and images from teh films, this is gorgeous packaging for those whose blu-ray/DVD collection is meant as a set piece in their living room, and not just another stack of boxes. In fact, the whole box looks as much at home next to coffee table books as it does on a shelf.

The new sixth disc offers about 90 minutes of brand-new special features. A documentary looks at the three films together and individually, with Christopher Nolan and co-writers David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, amongst other writers, directors, comic book legends, and people from all across multiple industries. It's an incredible, in-depth look at "the story of Bruce Wayne," as Nolan says. The honesty from Nolan and his cohorts will take some aback. They directly address superhero tropes, previous comic book movies, and flat-out describe what's beind done wrong, not just in past films, but in some current ones.

Perhaps the better of the two major new special features, however, is probably the intimate one on one conversation between Christopher Nolan and Richard Donner, legendary director of Superman. The two talk about film as if they're just hanging out at a bar, and we happen to get to listen in. It's fascinating to hear the deliberate memories Donner still holds about how they shot his revolutionary film, and how jealous and excited he gets hearing Nolan talk about his modern choices.

If you don't already have the Dark Knight Trilogy on blu-ray, this is the time and the way to upgrade. If you already have some or all of them, well, it depends on how much of a fan of Batman and film you are. Behind-the-scenes fans have a must-see in the documentary. Looking at every character, every actor, the music, the shooting, it's incredibly in-depth and presented in an exciting way that makes it as compelling as any chapter of the film trilogy itself. Likewise, any conversation between two such as Nolan and Donner is a masterclass in film. In a very real way, The Dark Knight Trilogy changed the way we look at comic book movies, and this new collector's edition celebrates that in a nearly perfect package.

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition is in stores now, MSRP $99.99, on sale at for about $80

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