All-New Marvel NOW! Teasers: 'EXTINCTION', 'TRUST,' 'WAR'

All-New Marvel NOW! EXTINCTION teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 4:45pm: "EXTINCTION" (exclusive to Newsarama ... again) is the teaser that wraps up (we think) the pre-New York Comic Con promotion from Marvel Comics, and this one has a creative team of Sam Humphries and André Araújo.

If that team sounds familiar, that's because they're already a team on Avengers A.I.. Most likely, this is some kind of new storyline in the relatively young series that will have its seventh issue in December 2013, a tie-in to Inhumanity. The word, "extinction" certainly doesn't hold a happy context, and the word is red and black outlined with green and yellow - Hank Pym outlined by The Vision perhaps? Some kind of actual takeover of organics making them all partially cybernetic?

We'll find out more about this new arc or new series at the Avengers Panel at the convention.  

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 2pm: A second Marvel teaser for the Friday before New York Comic Con is here, and true to theme it's showing a single word and a creative team. "TRUST" is the latest, and this one is pretty baffling.

The creative team features Al Ewing, currently also writing Mighty Avengers for Marvel, and artist Lee Garbet, who like Marcus To earlier has been primarily at DC Comics in recent years, with Valiant as his indie, though he did work with Cullen Bunn at Marvel on Fear Itself: The Deep. "Trust" is at the Avengers panel, so that narrows it down a bit. It could just be a new arc for Mighty but that seems unlikely, given how new the series is (and that it's already getting Inhumanity tie-ins). There is certainly no shortage of deception in the Marvel Universe, so the need for trust is high. This one will just have to wait until NYCC, we think, though.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original: After taking Thursday off from its pre-New York Comic Con series of "All-New Marvel NOW!" teaser images, Marvel is back with a new one - "WAR" - Friday morning, and this time exclusive to Newsarama readers.

Chris Yost, whose Scarlet Spider is ending in December, is back, teaming with Marcus To, whose monthly work has thus far been for Aspen and DC (with a new OGN out from Archaia now, as well). As the reveal is coming at the "Superior Spider-Man & Friends" panel a war within the Spider-verse makes some sense, given Ock-Spidey, Kaine, Venom, and Spider-Man 2099 are all running around at the same time, this could be something to do with a major Spider-clash.

Marvel has also had any number of wars that this could be a spin of, with Civil War being the most obvious.

Of course, with Marcus To's kinetic style and penchant for drawing younger heroes, perhaps "WAR" is referring to warriors? A certain team of Warriors are getting back together in Nova right now after a few months of clever solicitations teases, after all.

Stay tuned.

Michael Doran contributed to this article.

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