Obama/Spider-Man: Yeah, But Will I Be Able to Get One?

Obama/Spider-Man: Getting the Issue

The next Obama 'gotta have it'? The next Obama 'gotta have it'?

Since it broke in USA Today, the news of Spider-Man meeting President Obama (he’ll be meeting him on Inauguration Day, so it’s fair to drop the “Elect”) has spread very far and very wide, culminating, at this point, with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada appearing three times on CNN in less than 24 hours to talk about it.

The issue with the meeting is due in comic book shops nationwide on January 14th, but…will you be able to get a copy?

It depends.

Retailers were informed on December 16th via Diamond Dateline and the retailer portion of the Diamond website that issue #583 would have a special Obama variant cover and include the Inauguration Day backup story, something which would bring the issue up to 40 pages in total, and increase its price point (for both the regular cover and variant cover editions) to $3.99. To stress that last point - the Spider-Man/Obama story is in every issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583, with or without the Obama variant cover.

At that time, the conditions for ordering the Obama variant were that if retailers exceeded their orders for Amazing Spider-Man #583 compared to their orders for issue #575 by the Final Order Cut-off date of December 18th, they would qualify to order as many Obama variant covers as they wished while supplies lasted. To clarify, the cover is not being shipped to retailers in a 50/50 ratio as reported in the mainstream press.

Issue #575 of Amazing Spider-Man was the first part of a two-part Hammerhead story by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo.

Apparently, supplies (the print run number is unknown) of the first print of the Obama variant cover editions of issue #583 have been exhausted, as sources have reported to Newsarama that Marvel is currently offering a second printing of the Obama cover (item code: Nov088096) with no qualifiers, that is, retailers are free to order as many copies of the second printing as they want, while supplies last.

While it looks that the Obama variant has already gone into a second printing, does that mean that your store will be stiffed?

That depends – if your local store met the qualifications to order the Obama variant cover in December, then most likely, your retailer ordered some copies. Larger stores that see more traffic most likely ordered more. The second printings will most likely be in stores a week after the first printings, or on January 21st.

So – all of that said, will you still be able to find a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #583, the Obama variant on Wednesday, January 14th?

Again, that depends. If you want one, and your retailer is willing, you may want to call and reserve one now. The issue has been all over the media over the last 24 hours, and as such, thousands of people who don’t normally frequent comic book shops are going to – or may have already – found their local shop and will be looking for it. The first printing, Newsarama estimates, will quickly physically sell out at the retail level (it’s already sold out, as noted, at the distributor level), and will be doing a brisk business on eBay Tuesday evening, January 13th. Yes, it’s not supposed to be on sale until the 14th, but orders will be taken and auctions will be won via eBay Tuesday, with copies shipped later.

As Marvel proved with the midnight opening of stores for the first issue of the first Dark Tower miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel series, non-comic readers can find comic shops and will be attracted to them if the desire for the product is there. Barack Obama is the most popular President the United States has seen in a generation. Get ready for the crowds on Wednesday.

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