All-New Marvel NOW! Teaser Trifecta: 'OVERDRIVE, 'WRATH','HUNTED'

All-New Marvel NOW! WRATH & OVERDRIVE teasers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update: Marvel has tripled down on the pre-New York Comic Con "All-New Marvel NOW!" teasers Wednesday, adding "OVERDRIVE" by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore and "WRATH" by the seemingly solo Richard Isanove to the mix, their 13th and 14th teasers* (*so far).

"Overdrive" of course suggests something vehicular, and unless Marvel is considering a revival of Team America or US I, Ghost Rider in some form or another seems like as good a bet as any also given the teaser's color scheme.

But then Dan Slott did create a character called Overdrive in a 2007 Amazing Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day story, although that might be too literal a guess.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Either way, it will be the creative team's first major Marvel work and will be revealed at the Inhumanity & All-New Marvel NOW! panel.

Of course Ghost Rider would also make a good fit for "Wrath," as would the Hulk, the Punisher, and any other character steeped in anger and/or vengeance. There was also an Ultraverse character named Wrath, but again, maybe too literal.

That one, however, will be revealed at the Amazing X-Men & The Marvel Universe panel.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Writer Nathan Edmondson is back as the lead creator in his second teaser of the week, this time teamed with artist Mitch Gerads for "HUNTED." This is another one coming at the Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel at next week's New York Comic Con - Marvel's now 12th teaser since last Wednesday, with almost certainly more to come.

"Hunt" and "Spider-Man" bring to mind Kraven, of course, but he's the star of the final story arc of Scarlet Spider, going on right now. With the silver color and the word, maybe this is something more to do with Otto Octavius? Let us know if you have any better guesses, because this one has us pretty stumped.

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