BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Reveals New, Familiar Supporting Character

Barbara Gordon in Batman: Arkham Origins
Credit: WBIE

It's October, which means we're now in the month of release for the prequel to the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Origins, which hits shelves October 25, 2013. While the development team is hoping to save some surprises for the game's release, they did reveal a rumored new character today: Barbara Gordon.

It's not the biggest surprise, as Barbara's involvement in some way was teased as far back as E3 2013. Having already held a major role in the first two games of the Arkham series as Oracle (her second superheroic identity after being crippled by the Joker when acting as Batgirl), it's not surprising that we'll see her as a civilian looking to build her future here.

Revealed on the official Arkham Origins instagram after a few days of teases, here's what they had to say about Babs (yes, they call her Barb which is not her perferred nickname, yes, we're sure someone is being chastised for that).

"In Batman: Arkham Origins, players are introduced to a teenage girl by the name of Barbara - someone who fans will later come to know as Oracle. As the daughter of police captain James Gordon, Barb meets Gotham’s mysterious masked vigilante for the first time. #ArkhamOrigins"

Now all we need to know is if this translates to her putting on a batsuit of her own, at least in some challenge maps or multiplayer. Please, WBIE?

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