'ASSASSIN' Joins 'ATONEMENT' as Tuesday's All-New Marvel NOW! Teasers

All-New Marvel NOW! ASSASSIN teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update: The Marvel teasers keep pouring in, promising a multitude of announcements for the second round of "Marvel NOW!" coming at New York Comic Con. The latest, to be announced at the Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel says simply "ASSASSIN" in bold silver lettering. Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo are the creative team for the latest tease, but that doesn't really tell us much.

The silver lettering, word, and panel certainly makes us lean towards Silver Sable. As a character that died (hey, it's comics) in battle with Otto Octavius, her return now would certainly be interesting timing. Of course, there's always Hit-Monkey...

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Since we doubt Marvel is adapting the 2001 Ian McEwan novel made into the 2007 film starring James McAvoy and Keira Knightley into comic book form, we're going to assume the publisher's first "All-New Marvel NOW!" teaser for Tuesday "ATONEMENT" means someone in the Marvel Universe is sorry and wants to make up for something.  A supervillain turning things around maybe? Is the orangey color scheme a clue? One other option is a Black Widow title. She hasn't had a solo ongoing since Marvel's The Avengers introduced the buzzphrase of "red in my ledger," something that has since carried over into the Marvel Comics universe, and Phil Noto draws a nice Black Widow.

Whoever has insight into what this title or story arc by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto - to be revealed at Marvel's Avengers panel at New York Comic-Con - may be, feel free to share it with your fellow comic book readers.

Check out Monday's new "All-New Marvel NOW!" teasers here , last week's above, and look for what's almost certainly another new Marvel teaser later Tuesday.

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