'HIGHER' & 'SINNERS' All-New Marvel NOW! Teasers Kick Off New Week

All-New Marvel NOW! HIGHER teaser

Update: The Marvel teasers continue, and at this point it's almost certain Marvel has extended its teaser program to include new story arcs from existing series as opposed to just strictly for new titles.

The future of Captain Marvel from Kelly Sue DeConnick has been up in the air for the past few months. October's issue is not listed as a final issue, but the series did not show up in Marvel's solicitations for November and December 2013.

Now, with the teaser marked "HIGHER" by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez, could there be hopes for fans of Carol Danvers' solo adventures? Maybe, but Marvel's not telling if this is a continuation, a relaunch, or just something altogether new.

The teaser promises news at the Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel at New York Comic-Con, and Carol has been linked to Spidey in the past, but we'll find out in a couple of weeks for sure.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Marvel is at it again.

The publisher kicked off the new week with another "All-New Marvel NOW!" New York Comic Con teaser, their 8th since Wednesday morning.

"SINNERS" promises some manner of title or story arc by writer Charles Soule and artist Carlo Baberi that will be revealed at Marvel's NYCC Amazing X-Men and the Marvel Universe panel.

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