All-New Marvel NOW! Teasers: 'GLOBAL' & 'THE END'

All-New Marvel NOW! GLOBAL teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update: So 'THE END' wasn't the end. Marvel is back with its second "All-New Marvel NOW!" teaser of Friday, this one saying "GLOBAL", by creators Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer and Stephano Caselli, to be revealed at next month's New York Comic Con Avengers panel.

Of course, big and green is going to make most Marvel fans think of gamma-radiated characters like the Hulk, but that may well be some misdirection. There has been a lot of talk, from the very beginning of Jonathan Hickman's run on the main Avengers title of an "Avengers World."  This may be pointing toward a new actual title by that name. It's the next step Tony and Steve have been talking about for awhile now, and with the general success of Hickman's Avengers books, what's one more to throw into the mix (especially with a co-writer to help carry the load)?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Marvel's "All-New Marvel NOW!" have reached "THE END."

Now it's a few weeks before New York Comic Con and hell, there's many hours left today, so we have no idea if it's the end of the teasers, but something is coming to an end in 2014 and given whatever is it's by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli, and since it will be revealed at the publisher's Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel, it's a pretty safe bet it's Superior Spider-Man related (the end of Otto's takeover?), but that purple font treatment is a head scratcher. After all, purple and "the end" have a certain "Galactus" feel to them, and Slott's other teaser, the silver word "Rad" seems to point directly at Galactus's former herald Silver Surfer. Still, the Spider-Man panel part links it right back to Superior. There are a few Spidey villains with purple in their motif, including Mysterio and of course the Green Goblin - Goblin has been central to the entire overarc story of Superior, so maybe, just maybe, he'll be the one to take Otto-Spidey down.

Stay tuned during the rest of Friday to see if there are any more teasers, and in face you missed them, check out Marvel's TRIAL and JUDGMENT and then MINDBUBBLE, RAD!, and CORPORATE teasers from earlier this week.

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