Marvel Announces New SHE-HULK Ongoing Series - UPDATED

She-Hulk #1
She-Hulk #1 cover by Kevin Wada (not fina)
Credit: Marvel Comics
She-Hulk #1 cover by Kevin Wada (not fina)
She-Hulk #1 cover by Kevin Wada (not fina)
Credit: Marvel Comics

While still in the midst of releasing a series of teaser images for upcoming projects , Marvel is now giving readers something more substantial to chew on as it has announced via USA Today that the long-time Avenger She-Hulk will be getting a new February 2014-launching ongoing series by writer Charles Soule (Thunderbolts, Swamp Thing) and Javier Pulido (Hawkeye).

She-Hulk is currently starring in both the Mighty Avengers and FF series, and is also known as a lawyer in super-hero affairs as seen previous ongoing series written by Dan Slott and Peter David.

"She-Hulk has always been a title where weird, cool things can happen," Soule tells USA Today. "She is a strong — very strong — female character, and comics absolutely cannot have too many of those. There's no reason Jennifer Walters can't be iconic, and we're going to do what we can to make that happen."

Jennifer Walters – aka She-Hulk – was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980’s Savage She-Hulk and is the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk. The diminutive Walters received the Hulk powers when her cousin Bruce gave her a life-saving blood transfusion after she was gravely injured in an assault by a Los Angeles crime boss. Although at first considered a raging, rampaging green Hulk akin to her cousin, over the years through the work of creators like John Byrne and Dan Slott the character involved into a more free-standing character, lighter character than her namesake.

“[She-Hulk] absolutely has problems, just like most of the heroes of the Marvel U, but she chooses to approach them with optimism and good spirit rather than surrendering to the grim and gritty,” the writer tells USA Today. “It takes a lot to bring She-Hulk down, although we'll throw a lot at her."

“… she's not a tragic figure in the way that her cousin is, or a dark character,” Pulido adds. “Yes, she's Hulk's cousin, but she's also gorgeous. That's a very important part of the character, and I plan to keep it. When she comes into a room, her presence calls for the attention of everyone there, not just for her skin's color. She has that kind of magnetism around her.”

An interesting facet to this is that both the writer, Charles Soule, and the character, She-Hulk, are lawyers. A practicing attorney in Brooklyn, NY, he says that She-Hulk’s day job as an attorney will be a big part of this upcoming series

"One of the things I want to explore is the fact that she wants to be exceptional at everything she does, but that's not always possible. You can spread yourself too thin," Soule says. "She'll be out on her own, without much of a support group at first, a total underdog trying to make good. I love stories like that — Jen's going to be very easy to root for."

Although Soule says she will be “without much of a support group at first,” series editor Jeanine Schaefer says that they have a “huge” guest star planned for the first issue and a second major character coming in later in the first arc.

"All the drama in this book comes from decisions Jennifer — and She Hulk — make, and as an Avenger, that's going to mean real consequences not just for her but for all corners of the Marvel U,” Soule expands. “She combats all the crap that gets thrown at her with something more akin to positivity, but that doesn't make her flighty — she chooses to deal with her inner turmoil in a different way, something more like I imagine Captain America does."

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