All-New Marvel NOW! Teaser Trio: 'CORPORATE,' 'RAD!', 'MINDBUBBLE'

All-New Marvel NOW! CORPORATE teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 2: ....annnnnddd the third 'All-New Marvel NOW!' teaser of the day, this newest one "CORPORATE' by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico.

Given the yellow color scheme, Heroes for Hire comes to mind, but perhaps this time with a more upscale, corporate spin? Or maybe a X-Corp revival, given the reveal will be at the Amazing X-Men and the Marvel Universe at next month's New York Comic Con. X-Corp as an entity went away after Scarlet Witch took most mutant abilities off the map - it was meant to be an outreach for mutants around the world, something that is now reoccuring with new mutants popping up.

It could also refer to "CORTEX Incorporated," a company mentioned in Mighty Avengers #4 solicits from december. Cortex is a name used by a rogue dupe of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, and Madrox was in David's recently concluded X-Factor series which had a very open-ended conclusion.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 1: Like Wednesday Marvel is back with its second 'All-New Marvel NOW!' teaser of the day, this time "RAD!" in a project or story arc of some kind by Dan Slott and Mike Allred.

Given the metallic silver (with purple trim) font treatment, the 80s Southern California (i.e. surfing) terminology, and the presence of Allred, we're putting our eggs firmly in the basket of a trippy take on the Silver Surfer, perhaps in a Slott-guested arc on FF, although Slott has a new Marvel title coming soon.

Earlier this month when interviewing Christos Gage about his upcoming collaboration with Slott on Superior Spider-Man , Gage mentioned that he was brought on due to Slott's increased workload with a "secret, yet-to-be-revealed title."

"I know what it is and it’s gonna be awesome," Gage said.

This looks to be that title.

Any different guesses out there?

And as we all should know by now, Marvel is promising the full reveal at next month's New York Comic Con, this one at their Inhumanity & All-New Marvel NOW! panel.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: It looks like we're in for a full-on 'All-New Marvel NOW!' wave in 2014. Marvel Comics released their third teaser in the last 24 hours, this time for a Rick Remender, Pascal Alixe, Nic Klein project or story arc of some kind.

Does 'MINDBUBBLE' ring any bells?

The teaser seems to refer to a new character named Dr. Mindbubble that Remender talked about with Newsarama last month . In that interview, he explained that Dr. Mindbubble would be appearing in the upcoming Captain America arc (Remender's fourth) as a product of the Weapon Minus program - a black ops organization created as a countermeasure to the long-running Weapon Plus program which Cap's Super Soldier program and even Wolverine's Weapon X program are a part of.

"[Dr. Mindbubble is] a product of the Weapon Minus program," Remender told us, "but as someone molded to counter-act Nuke, Dr. Mindbubble was loaded not only with the Super Soldier Serum, but also LSD, adamantium and Timothy Leary books. I don’t want to reveal more, but that’ll all come out in the fourth arc."

The solicitation for October's Captain America #12 also reads: "Meet Dr. Mindbubble, the unbelievable Super Soldier created in the 1960s!"

Like Wednesday's 'TRIAL' and 'JUDGMENT' teasers , they all have a very subtle "1" ingrained into the background of the image, so take that for what you will.

Also like the previous teasers, Marvel is promising the reveal at next month's New York Comic Con, this time at their Avengers panel.

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