FANGASM Castmember Molly McIsaac Proud to be Real Geek on TV

Molly McIsaac
Credit: Molly McIsaac
Credit: SyFy

Tonight. It's happening tonight. The moment I've been waiting for my entire life: I'm going to be on TV.

Ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed of seeing my name in lights. I pranced around in front of my parent's camcorder, leapt in front of their camera lens when they were trying to photograph Alaskan landscapes, and forced my baby brother to act out Disney movies with me. I was always a ham and I always wanted to be the center of attention. But unlike most young girls who are smearing their mother's lipstick across their faces, I was fashioning faerie wings out of tree branches or making capes out of bath towels. I voraciously devoured fantasy novels and comic books, snuck over to my friend's houses to play Super Nintendo and bought bootleg anime VHS from my local book store.

I knew as soon as a reality TV show about geeks came along that I would be the girl who needed to be on it - not just for my own satisfaction and career but also because I have always been a geek and I am so passionate about showing the world that geeks are not the freaks that pop culture wants to portray us as. I'm fashionable, social, and I regularly go out to bars and clubs and go on dates. I defy stereotypes - and I know a ton of geeks who do, too. So when casting for Fangasm was announced a long two years ago, I jumped on the opportunity.

And now here I am. Fangasm is premiering and it's a project that I am swelling with pride to be a part of. 495 Productions and SyFy did an absolutely astounding job at accurately portraying geek culture. This TV show contains all of the honesty and heart of the geek subculture that we all know is there but that pop culture never thinks to portray. I watched this first episode for the first time on Friday in NYC at the premiere, and there was not a dry eye in the place by the end of it.

The object of this show is not exploitation - Fangasm is not attempting to poke fun at nerds or make us a sideshow for the "normies" to laugh at. No. Rather, it is a celebration and honest look at the passionate world of geeks, nerds, and dorks. Myself and my roommates were all intelligent functioning members of society well equipped with social graces. While we had brief tiffs or disagreements, we quickly resolved them through intelligent discourse and continued being fast friends - bound through shared love.

The first episode of Fangasm sets the tone for the rest of the series. We may at times come across as awkward or inept (we really struggle turning on a grill or understanding the hot tub), but nothing was edited to make us look or behave any differently. In our stay in the house this summer, we met many of our geek heroes (including George Takei, Stan Lee, and Elvira!), traded graphic novels and manga, cried and laughed, cosplayed and played with toys, podcasted, visited conventions and comic shops, and had massive Marvel vs. DC debates. We are a group of friends just like yours - except we happened to be filmed 24/7 for the majority of a summer

I am so glad that geek is finally getting the true to life representation it deserves - and I hope you will be, too.

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