WOLFCAP, HULKVENGERS & More 'Weird, What If' Characters Invade LONGSHOT Limited Series

Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

There’s a famous Swedish proverb that says “Luck never gives; it only lends.” And that looks to be the case for Marvel’s luckiest hero Longshot in the upcoming limited series Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe launching this November. In it, Adventures of Dr. McNinja and recent Fear Itself: Deadpool scribe Christopher Hastings takes this Mojoverse mutant out to save the entire Marvel universe with, and because of, his famous powers of luck. And while Longshot has used his mutant power of luck for decades, we’re about to see that it doesn’t come without some strings attached.

In the four-part Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe, Hastings and newcomer Jacopo Camagni follow a serial killer who has it out for anyone with luck on their side – making Longshot his number one target. This long-time X-Man is on his own in this one, trying to stay out of the crosshairs of the killer’s gaze while getting into a “universe threateningly” large event that brings in some of Marvel’s biggest forces from S.H.I.E.L.D. to cosmic entities no less.

Credit: Marvel Comics

And oh yeah, there’s some Hulkvengers.

And WolfCap.

For more on this, Newsarama spoke with Hastings about this space- and time-jumping story, and this host of familiar (and not so familiar) guest stars.

Newsarama: After some years off the comic shelves, Longshot has been showing up in X-Factor in recent years. How does he make it from there to here with Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe, Christopher?

Christopher Hastings: We don't get into the details too much, but Longshot's just continued to adventure in his post X-Factor time. No matter how mundane his day might look at the start, his luck kind of pushes him into a variety of wild situations.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Last time we interviewed you, you revealed that this all starts when Longshot discovers that there’s a serial killer of sorts targeting people who are lucky. What can you tell us about this villain?

Hastings: Well, that's just how things start. It escalates pretty seriously after he and Longshot meet. I don't want to give anything away yet though.

Nrama: The title of this series, Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe, gives an idea that he’ll be involved in a more broad-ranging story here. How big a story is this, Christopher?

Hastings: Well I was pretty much allowed to have whatever guest stars I wanted, so that's fun! The threat is pretty (universe threateningly) large, and what's neat is seeing Longshot and his luck play off a wide host of Marvel heroes.

Even just in terms of getting around, I think over the course of the series Longshot gets teleported by Dr. Strange, carried by a flying Thor, and rides on the back of Ghost Rider's bike.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: In the December solicits we saw the cover to #3 featuring some great hero mash-ups from Marvel lore, from WolfCap to the Hulkvengers. Tell us how they become a part of the series.

Hastings: By issue #3, we have a character who doesn't really have much respect for the laws of space and time, and he decides to open up random portals all across the infinite Marvel universes to see if there's something out there that Longshot's luck can't save him from.

So basically we have a mix of old weird Marvel characters, some What If…? people brought back, and then a few from possible futures I threw in.

Nrama: Longshot has a host of powers, but the foremost being his luck powers. How are you using that in this story without being too contrived?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Hastings: I've had to think a lot about this! There are two main things that I do to try to keep the magic luck interesting to read. The first is that I try to set up events that all tie together when Longshot's luck sets off, so it doesn't seem like he's just summoning solutions from nowhere. The second is that when he does abuse his luck, there are longer running unforeseen consequences. Sometimes bad luck looks good at first, or vice versa.

Nrama: Longshot’s not the only hero in the Marvel with some luck-related powers. Given this killer out there, will we be seeing by chance other lucky heroes like Domino or chance-based heroes like Scarlet Witch?

Hastings: Scarlet Witch is involved, definitely! I had an idea for pitting Domino against Longshot, but unfortunately it doesn't really fit in this particular story. Hopefully I'll get the chance at some point in the future.

Nrama: It’s been decades since Longshot last had a solo series – why here, why now?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Hastings: Longshot's such a fun character, and he's spent a pretty long time as a supporting member in an ensemble. With X-Factor wrapping up, this seemed the perfect time to give him some solo attention, and remind people that he's a fun character to read.

Nrama: So what makes him a fun character for you?

Hastings: Well, I love his attitude for one thing. He's just sort of cheery and optimistic, and smiles through all sorts of weird crap the universe throws at him. But I've also just had a really good time orchestrating all these events that tie together in unexpected ways when Longshot's luck goes off.

Credit: Marvel

Nrama: Although he’s got a new hairstyle these days, people remember that MacGyver-esque mullet of his fondly. Any chance of a hair reunion here for Longshot?

Hastings: Jacopo's designed a totally new haircut!

Nrama: Okay, no mullet… but last question – jetpack. He’s used one before – any chance he’ll get one here?

Hastings: I can confirm Longshot will have a jetpack.

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