Arkham Origins skins
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

PlayStation owners will have a chance to “Go West” when Batman: Arkham Origins launches thanks to the console exclusive Knightfall Pack that includes two visually iconic Bat-Suit skins and five maps for the franchise’s popular challenge system.

After over a half dozen character skins debuted in Batman: Arkham City, it was a bit of a surprise that there were any left over at all for use in the new game, but it’s certainly unexpected to see that the first in this pack is the “Classic TV Series” skin that replicates, albeit in an HD render, the look of Adam West in his 1960’s Batman TV series garb, complete with eyebrows.

A darker, but for different reasons, garb is the second outfit, the armored “Knightfall” skin from the landmark 90s Batman arc of the same name. In it, Jean-Paul Valley (formally Azrael) takes up the Mantle of the Bat after Bruce Wayne’s spine is broken by recently introduce villain Bane. In his time as Batman, Valley crumbling mental state propels him to upgrade the Bat-Suit into a more lethal armored almost Iron Man-like outfit.

These skins will be accompanied by five challenge maps, three combat maps against waves of enemies and two maps in the franchise’s signature Predator gameplay style. It is unknown if this is a timed exclusive or what the cost for the pack will be.

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