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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics' November 2013 solicitations

Sterling Gates has been announced as the new writer on the upcoming DC mini-series Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S., replacing the originally solicited writer, Matt Kindt.

The switch was revealed in USA Today, with Gates named as the writer on the series as it launches on October 23rd as a tie-in to the Geoff Johns/David Finch event, Forever Evil.

The six-issue mini-series will tell the story of how Steve Trevor and a band of other agents from the "Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans" are targeted by the Crime Syndicate of America and other villains during the events of Forever Evil. Trevor unites with characters including Etta Candy, Dale Gunn and Killer Frost. The character will not only be fighting against villains and the CSA, but will hunt for the members of the Justice League of America, whom Kindt revealed to Newsarama are somehow imprisoned on the main DCU Earth.

Gates, who's best known for his run on Supergirl, takes over the series after being already familiar with at least a couple of the main characters — Agent Gunn is featured Gates' ongoing series Justice League of America's Vibe, and the writer just penned the Villains Month issue, Killer Frost. Gates has also been working closely with Johns as he constructs Forever Evil, as the two co-wrote Villains Month issues in September for Black Adam and The Secret Society of Evil, both of which are heavily featured in Forever Evil.

Credit: DC Comics

There's no indication why the A.R.G.U.S. writer switch was made, but it's likely that it's related to Kindt needing time for other projects, including the high-profile writing gig on Justice League of America during its tie-ins to the DC event Forever Evil.

In fact, Kindt was originally solicited as the writer of seven comic books in October. Newsarama recently asked Kindt about the heavy workload he was carrying as a writer for Marvel and DC, as well as writing and drawing his Dark Horse series, Mind MGMT and four Villains Month issues for DC in September.

"The Villain issues were written ahead of time," he told Newsarama. "Those all sort of came out at once, but those were some of the first things I'd done. They asked me to do those awhile ago, and they asked me to do one than another and another, and I kept saying, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'll do them all!' And those were done way early. The other stuff started to roll out later, and I've been able to balance it out without going too crazy."

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