SIF Stars in THOR: THE DARK WORLD Character Poster

Sif Poster for Thor: The Dark World
Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: The Dark World character posters continue to roll in leading to the November 1, 2013 release date, and this time the warrior woman of Asgard takes center stage. Sif did not have a ton of screentime in the first film, but became a fan favorite with her boldness portrayed by Jamie Alexander (particularly that badass leap and stab with her spear). Given the character posters typically spotlight characters who have major roles, it seems we'll be seeing more of Sif this time around.

Apropos of nothing, we're also taking bets on how long it takes an intrepid photoshopper to give Alexander a different warrior woman comic book character costume in this shot, and start begging Marvel's competition for a movie featuring her as that one.

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