Sussing Out Sinister Six Possibilities In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

The Sinister Six as seen in the comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Rumors and speculation have been hot and heavy about an uptick of villains in next year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. It’s already a well-known fact that Andrew Garfield’s webcrawler would face off with Electro (played by Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (played by Paul Giamatti), but in recent months various members of the franchise’s cast and crew have been teasing, hinting and flat-out promoting the fax that Spider-Man’s rogues gallery would be fleshed out more – even hinting to the formation of the Sinister Six. So Newsarama sifted through the hints, teases and speculation and investigated just who we think would make up a big-screen version of the Sinister Six and here’s what we know.

Will there be a Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Almost definitely. The hints began In August when Empire Magazine snapped a photo of producer Avi Arad sitting in front of a soundstage with the words “Sinister 6” painted on it. Since then, both Foxx and Giamatti have gone on record saying they think the Sinister Six would be forming in the Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise, with Giamatti saying specifically that there were several additional villains in the background of 2014’s sequel in addition to he and Foxx. Add to that Chris Cooper, who is playing Norman Osborn in the movie, and you’re halfway there already.

Giamatti as Rhino in ASM2
Giamatti as Rhino in ASM2
Credit: Sony Pictures

According to these varied reports, it looks like the Sinister Six will be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 2 in some shape or form, but may not be fully realized as a group – and as a threat – until the third film, Amazing Spider-Man 3, in 2016.

Who would the Sinister Six be?

Figuring out the six members starts off pretty easy; imagining Foxx’ Electro and Giamatii’s Rhino as the first two members is a no-brainer. They’ve both said they’d like to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3, leading some to believe that they’re the first recruits into the Sinister Six.

As mentioned earlier, we do know for a fact that that The Bourne Identity’s Chris Cooper had been cast as Norman Osborn, although if and when he were to step beyond being a evil businessman to an evil super-villain in his Green Goblin is undetermined. Last week, Cooper said that while he’ll debut as Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2 that the third movie, currently scheduled for release in 2016, would feature bigger and “better things” for the character.

Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones
Credit: Creative Commons

The fourth contender for a role in the wallcrawler hit squad is the Black Cat, which is the character Felicity Jones is highly rumored to play. Although Black Cat is well known for her villainous traits, in comics she never claimed membership in the Sinister Six. Still, it wouldn’t be too far of a reach for her movie rendition to join this villainous group.

For the fifth member, we take confirmed news like the fact that Colm Feore (who played Laufey in Thor) mixed with a bit of conjecture, making him visually right and capable of playing the role of Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 haven’t officially confirmed that yet, but we have seen a movie still showing Feore visiting the Ravencroft Institute, the super villain prison which plays a significant role in this movie. The Vulture is a founding member of the Sinister Six, and if Feore is playing the character then we’re in for some delight as moviegoers.

Rounding out this sextet is a bit harder. Director Marc Webb spoke at Comic-Con International: San Diego earlier this year that the obscure villain the Gentleman would have a role in the film. In comics, the Gentleman was a mastermind of one of the latter iterations of the Sinister Six, although he wasn’t technically a member of the group. But the character would fit in nicely with the vein that the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise has explored Peter Parker’s life; the Gentleman character has a rich history with the Parker family, blaming them for the death of his brother.

When Dan Slott, writer of the comic book version of Spider-Man's adventures, visited the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2, he had a conversation with Webb about possible film villains. Here's Slott's report of the intriguing conversation, and another possibility.

Near the end of the day, Marc Webb and producer Matt Tolmach, were having a discussion, and Marc waved me over.
"Dan, tell us what you think. If you could choose a villain for the next movie, someone who hasn't been in a Spider-Man film yet, who would it be?"
Didn't even take a second. Didn't have to think about it. I've already got my guy.
"Why Mysterio?"
"He's the Master of Illusion. He's perfect for a movie. He's made for movies. Any special effect shot you've ever wanted to do, you could do. Like THAT! Mysterio would be awesome in a movie."
And Marc Webb gestured to Matt Tolmach as if to say, "See? What'd I tell you."

Another possible contender for the sixth slot in the Sinister Six is the Jackal. A set photo released a few weeks back showed a plaque inside the Ravencroft Institute in memory of Thomas Warren. In comics, Thomas Warren is the father of Miles Warren, a biology professor to both Parker and Gwen Stacy that was eventually revealed as the mad geneticist, the Jackal. There’s no word on if this plaque will lead to an appearance by the Jackal or if it’s merely a easter egg inserted by Webb and the crew, but stranger things have happened. Of course, with the Jackal in contention, that opens up a live-action clone saga, and everyone wants that, right?

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