Valiant Ups the Variant Ante with UNITY #1 8-Bit VIDEO Cover

Unity 8-bit cover Youtube
Credit: Valiant Comics
Credit: Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics has cooked up some different takes on the ‘variant’ [cough...gimmick…cough] cover since their return to publishing, including a QR code-enabled ‘talking cover’ for their debut title X-O Manowar and again featuring the Goat for Quantum & Woody, but they're taking it another step forward for the debut of their first shared-universe team title Unity in November.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the first issue will feature a cover that leads to a 2.5 minute, fully-animated, 8-bit cover summarizing the concept of the series.

Created by team CineFix's 8-Bit Cinema, the cover (see here) also uses a QR code so that anyone with a smartphone and QR reader can unlock the video (or you can view it below).

Unity is by writer Matt Kindt with artist Dougie Braithwaite.

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