Fan Film Shows Robin Blake/ NIGHTWING & RED HOOD in a Post-DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Gotham

Dark Knight Legacy fan film
Credit: Characters (C) DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Dark Knight Legacy is a fan/crowdsourcing-funded film imaging a Gotham City one year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, centered on a brewing battle over Gotham between the Red Hood and Nightwing, the latter being the identity assumed by John ‘Robin’ Blake after he was handed the keys to the Batcave in the final frames of Rises.

Featuring a not-awful (but shadowy) Joseph Gordon-Levitt impersonation by the actor playing Nightwing, the 7-plus minute film also features Gotham City police officer Stephanie Brown, Oswald Cobblepot, and a few other familiar names.

The fundraising efforts are being promoted on the site and the filmmakers hope Dark Knight Legacy is the first of a series of films “for fans by fans.”

“Every penny will be put towards creating an epic masterpiece that explores the world left behind in The Dark Knight Rises,” reads the fundraising website. As of Monday, the filmmakers have raised nearly $8.5k towards their goal (30 days from now) of $30k.

More information about the film, its story and characters can be found in the link, and here’s the ‘first’ film.

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