Justin Bieber's Instagram Scares BATMAN/ SUPERMAN Fans

Credit: Justin Bieber

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber, teen pop sensation, instagrammed the pic seen round the world. When Bieber posts on social media, it gets seen. He has nearly 11 million followers on instagram, and nearly 45 million on twitter. So when he posted an image of him allegedly holding a script to "Batman vs. Superman" with the hashtag "#robin?" it set off an internet firestorm.

Don't worry, it is as fake as it looks. Bieber also tweeted, though people seem to have missed it, that he was doing something for FunnyOrDie.com that night. But even disregarding that, let's look at the "script."

The watermark of "BIEBER" on it, showing it's meant just for him, would also be Warner's way of assuring he did not talk about it - that's the way things like NDAs and embargos work.

Superman - Batman Movie Logo
Superman - Batman Movie Logo
Credit: Warner Bros

The Batman/Superman image, first seen at Comic-Con International: San Diego, is clearly super-imposed onto the page. Rather than using the high-resolution image sent out to press a couple of days after the panel, what looks like an uneven screen capture of someone's cellphone picture was used.

The credits are, from what we know of the film officially, wrong. It's written by: David S. Goyer from a story by Goyer and Zack Snyder. It also lists only the final chapter of The Dark Knight Returns as the "based on." It would be a weird way of attributing a story, to a single comic book issue, rather than the entire series.

Finally, the Robin in that series was Carrie Kelley, which means... well, I'm sure you can fill in your own joke here.

Ultimately, this is indicative of something much bigger than Bieber - and that's the hype around a movie featuring Batman and Superman. Virtually no one in the general public knew anything about Iron Man or Marvel's version of Thor before their movies came out, and Avengers did one and a half billion dollars in the box office. Superman and Batman, easily two of the most recognizable characters and logos in the world, being in a film together is big enough that it is already reaching across generations, and far outside the regular "genre entertainment fans."

But come on, did you ever really Beliebe that Warner Bros would cast Justin Bieber, or that's how they would announce it? Nah, you were never fooled, were you?

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