MARK MILLAR Gets Fans Up-to-Speed on Latest New Property MPH

Mark Millar's MPH
Credit: Mark Millar

Mark Millar has always been a guy with big plans – and now we’ve beginning to see how big.

In an interview published this morning at The Hollywood Reporter, the Scotland scribe talks about his upcoming series MPHwith Hellboy artist Duncan Fegredo and his goal to make his creator-owned Millarworld books an actual integrated world of heroes.

“[MPH]is the beginning of a big plan I have for the next big period in my career as I build, I guess, the twenty-first century version of the Marvel Universe,” Millar tells THR’s Borys Kit. “Marvel kicked things off in the sixties with Fantastic Four and we want this book to be as significant for the Millarworld line.”

Set to spin out of the final pages of Kick-Ass 3 series published by Marvel’s Icon imprint, MPH is a six-issue series launching in February through Image that follows four college-age teenagers who chance upon an illegal street drug that gives them the power to move at light-speed for seven days. MPH is described by the author as ”The Fast and the Furious without cars” and offers a “completely new way of doing super-speed in comics.” Back in the late 1990s, Millar co-wrote comics’ most famous speedster, the Flash, in the hero’s title with writer Grant Morrison. Back in 2004 when Millar first launched his creator-owned Millarworld slate, he announced a similar title – then under the name Run – with Ashley Wood that was cancelled before publication.

MPHis set in the American city of Detroit, and Millar is very conscious of the city and surrounding area’s history as the mecca for American car manufacturing – especially hot rods. According to Millar, MPH is the first of “four to five” new books coming out in the next two years that will fully encapsulate the shared universe of his creator-owned books.

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