BATWOMAN's New Creative Team Starts with November's #25

DC Comics' November 2013 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics' November 2013 solicitations

As Dan DiDio announced over the weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con, Marc Andreyko will take over as writer of Batwoman starting with November's issue #25, DC Comics has confirmed to Newsarama. Andreyko is an openly gay writer known for his work with Manhunter - a Gotham City female hero with ties to the DEO who also had an openly gay supporting cast member (sound familiar, Batwoman fans?). Batwoman, Kate Kane, is an openly gay hero currently engaged to her girlfriend, police detective Maggie Sawyer - but don't look for a marriage anytime soon.

DC Comics also told Newsarama that Andreyko's artist for at least Batwoman #25, is Jeremy Haun. Haun is also no stranger to Gotham, but recently took a year as an exclusive artist at Top Cow before returning to DC for a Villains Month one-shot and other work. He was originally solicited as one of two artists on Batwoman #25 alongside Trevor McCarthy.

The previous creative team of writers J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman had intended to finish their story arc, through #26, when they announced they were quitting the book over what they said was consistent last-minute editorial interference with their stories. Instead, October's #24 will be their final issue. The current "no marriage" policy for heroes at DC Comics was one of the points of contention for the team. Andreyko and Haun's first story will tie-in to Batman: Zero Year, the new origin story for Batman currently running in that self-titled book. Batwoman has largely existed on the periphary of the Batman universe in the New 52, but seems like it will be more integrated with the new creative team.

Newsarama Note: Cover art above is the originally solicited cover to Batwoman #25, and not indicative of the final released product

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