Marvel Teases INHUMANITY, Reveals First Cover

Inhumanity-Are You Inhuman
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update Sept. 6, 4:15pm: As suspected, the teasers all week have indeed been for Inhuman, and the special one-shot that will launch Inhumanity, a line-wide banner/status quo change after Infinity.

With the final "question" teaser that simply says "Are You Inhuman?" the tease stands revealed - so Marvel also passed around the cover to Inhumanity #1, which will kick off the Marvel Universe's next saga.

The Inhumanity cover shows Karnak, cousin of Black Bolt, kicking through an image of the rest of the Inhuman royal family. Whether this is a sign of some sort of betrayal, or just a cool image of their residen martial artist kicking stuff, remains to be seen. The countdown to September 18 and the release of the Terrigen Mists is officially on.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update Sept. 6: In what is likely the last of these teasers, the final question is, naturally, "Are We...?" This one takes the fear to a new level, with the threat turned inward: what on Earth should we do if we have been affected by the Terrigen Mists?

The text below says "Get Tested Today," giving further evidence that the new large Inhuman population (assuming that's what these teasers are all pointing to) will be treated as a threat, a problem, and even in this instance, some sort of disease.

The teasers all point to the next issue of Infinity, where (Spoilers for Infinity #2 on shelves now), it's likely that the existing Inhumans release the terrigen mists upon Earth's population to hide the one young Inhuman that Thanos is looking for - who he alleges is his son. The issue hits September 18, 2013, as does the promise of revelation from these teasers.

Credit: Marvel Comics

UPDATED Sept. 5, 4:15pm: Marvel is back with their second updated teaser of the day, this time asking "Is She...?", playing off the previous "Is He...? and "Are They...?, and the same post-9/11 national security vibe, this time saying, "Get facts. Knowledge is power."

Given Marvel has promised a revealtion on Sept. 18, a week after the 12th anniversary of 9/11, and given what appears to be mist in the mostly black images, our best guess as this point is teasers for the previously-announced new series Inhuman.

With the general population due to be exposed to the Inhumans-making Terrigen Mists, perhaps the emerging superhumans are regarded as national security risks, pitting citizen against citizen in an attempt to weed out those who developed superhuman powers.

This, of course, all plays off the cover to Inhuman #1 that was first revealed, with the new lone Inhuman standing, hiding in plain sight, in a crowd.

If accurate, Marvel really does appear to be trying to create a new, very-mutant like corner of their universe.

Credit: Marvel Comics

UPDATED Sept. 5: Marvel is starting Thursday morning with a new teaser on the heels of yesterday's "Is He...?" release.

This new one goes plural asks "Are They...?" Along with the copy "In the wake of Infinity, the Marvel Universe faces a new threat." And on the image itself, "See Something? Say something," another seeming play on everyday citizen national security vigilance/awareness post-911.

Yesterday's read "Be vigilant."

No indication yet of whether both teasers are about one new project, or several new December 2013 releases. We suspect at this point more teasers will be coming in advance of Wednesday's promised September 18, 2013 (see below) reveal date, so stay tuned.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Marvel Comics is back in the teaser business. In an enigmatic image with only two words: "Is He...?" Marvel has started the guessing game anew.

Of course, our go to guess is always something to do with Marvelman, but maybe not in this case. Here's what Marvel said in the text of the email Wednesday morning.

"The Marvel Universe is on the brink of a major change. Find out more, September 18th!"

Well, here's what's shipping on September 18, 2013 from Marvel Comics:

A+X #12

So, major change, September 18th, "Be Vigilant" down there in the bottom of the teaser - it seems we're looking for something, most likely, from Infinity or New Avengers, the direct tie-in to the crossover. Of course, there's always big things happening in Superior Spider-Man, and while the font looks like it's "Infinity/Thanos Blue," it could also be related to Spider-Man 2099, who made his Superior debut today. More to come on this one, we're sure.

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