RELIC's Old Universe Past Teased in Latest 'What's New in the New 52'

Art from Relic #1
Credit: DC Comics

Readers of Green Lantern: The New Guardians know a bit about Relic's past - he comes from a dead universe, and he hates those who wield the emotional spectrum. He was surprised by Kyle Rayner's white light, and he wants to extinguish all rings from the new universe he's woken up in.

In the latest "What's New in the New 52" on the DC blog, Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras assures readers that they'll find out all about Relic in his Villains Month special, Green Lantern #23.1: Relic. In it, we'll find out exactly why he hates ring bearers, and Harras teases readers may "find yourself rooting for him!" after the revelation. The interior art above by Rags Morales has quite the spectrum of light included in it, perhaps a tease of this.

Relic will also lead right into the "Lights Out" crossover across the Lantern titles in October 2013.

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