Marvel Superheroes Hit the Road in Touring Theme Park Attraction

Avengers #19 Decades covers
Credit: Marvel Comics

In the future, the theme park comes to you!

Marvel Entertainment and Hero Ventures are bringing The Marvel Experience, a new interactive traveling show to life. The show is being produced by a co-producer of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, Jeremiah Harris, and Live Nation chair Michael Cohl.

But what will the show be? Well, it's more like a theme park ride. In a dome complex estimated to be the size of two football fields, fans can live in the Marvel Universe with attractions like virtual reality, a "4D Motion Ride" (think: Harry Potter and the Impossible Journey or Spider-Man: the Ride at Universal Studios), and interactive animations and motion comics. The stories in The Marvel Experience will be first-person, and are meant to be unique to each attendee.

The production is slated to begin in 2014, with no specific dates, pricing or locations announced yet.

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